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Flutter Web Build a Portfolio App with Flutter 2 0 and Dart

Video Introducing this tutorial
01-lesson 1 introduction
02-lesson 2 what youll build in this class
03-lesson 3-windows users only-flutter windows setup
04-lesson 4-mac users only-flutter mac installation
05-lesson 5-installing important vs code extenstions
06-lesson 6-create our portfolio project
07-lesson 7-appbar adding image and name
08-lesson 8-creating the contact me button
09-lesson 9-finished appbar and action buttons
10-lesson 10-refactoring our code
11-lesson 11-setup the main body section image and overlay text
12-lesson 12-setup the main body fix overflow issues
13-lesson 13-setup the main body adding button rows
14-lesson 14-finishing up the project list
15-lesson 15-launching social media urls when icons clicked
16-lesson 16-implementing mailto and final fixes
17-lesson 1 whats next