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Excel for Mac Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Learn how to succeed with Excel for Mac
What you should know

1. Getting Started with Excel :
What can you do with Excel for Mac?
Explore the Excel for Mac program window
The ribbon
Set program preferences
Get help in Excel

2. Managing Workbooks :
Open, create, and save workbooks
Set workbook properties
Create and modify templates

3. Working with Cells, Ranges, and Data :
Select cells and groups of cells
Copy and paste cell data
Enter data using AutoFill and other techniques
Create named ranges
Create an Excel table
Locate and change data using Find and Replace
Guide cell input using validation rules
Enable data entry using validation lists

4. Sorting, Filtering, and Managing Worksheets :
Sort worksheet data
Create a custom sort order
Filter worksheet data
Insert, move, and delete cells and cell ranges
Manage worksheets

5. Summarizing Data Using Formulas and Functions :
Introduce Excel formulas, functions, and operators
Add a formula to a cell
Use relative and absolute cell references
Control how Excel copies and pastes formulas
Refer to Excel table data in formulas
Summarize data on the status bar
Summarize data using IF functions
Identify precedents and dependents

6. Formatting Worksheet Elements :
Apply fonts, background colors, and borders
Apply number and date formats to cells
Manage text alignment
Copy cell formats
Manage cell styles
Create rule-based conditional formats
Define data bar, color scale, and icon set conditional formats
Manage conditional formats

7. Working with Charts :
Create bar and column charts
Create line charts
Create XY (scatter) charts
Change chart types and layouts
Format chart elements
Manage chart axes and numbering
Create sparkline charts

8. Exploring PivotTables :
Create a PivotTable
Pivot a PivotTable
Manage subtotals and grand totals
Change the data field summary operation
Change the format of a data field

9. Reviewing and Sharing Your Spreadsheets :
Check spelling
Set AutoCorrect and automatic Replace options
Manage workbook comments
Print a worksheet or workbook
Set and remove print areas
Export workbooks to other formats

Conclusion :
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