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Video Introducing this tutorial

01 01 Tools Optimize Svgs For Better Performance Using Svgo
02 02 Html 5 Include An Svg With An Image Tag
03 03 Html 5 Add An Svg As A Background Image
04 04 Html 5 Add An Svg As An Embedded Background Image
05 05 Tools Combine Multiple Svgs Into An Svg Sprite
06 06 Html 5 Add An Svg Sprite As A Background Image
07 07 Css Automate Svg Sprite Background Image Variations With A Scss Mixin
08 08 Html 5 Embed Svg Directly In Markup With The Use Tag
09 09 Html 5 Load An External Svg Inside A Use Tag
10 10 Css Style An Svg Icon With Css
11 11 React Build An Svg Icon Component In React