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Build A React App With Redux

Video Introducing this tutorial

bootstrap a react application with yarn create react app
render a react ui with jsx 4e059316
render in react based on a global state object
refactor jsx in react to stateless functional components
create a redux style reducer function
create a redux store
render react ui based on state changes with subscribe in redux
keep ui and state synchronized using controlled components in react with redux
make dispatching redux actions more reliable with action creators
create redux dispatch functions from action creators with bindactioncreators
connect redux to a react application with react redux
handle actions in redux with mapdispatchtoprops
use mapdispatchtoprops shorthand syntax in redux
connect redux to individual react components for more efficient rendering
setup a mock api server with the json server npm module
dispatch asynchronous actions with redux thunk middleware
save new records on the server with redux thunk and fetch
configure and use redux dev tools
create a react component to display status messages
use multiple reducers in redux with combinereducers
respond to a single redux action in multiple reducers
update existing records on the server with redux thunk and fetch
delete existing records on the server with redux thunk and fetch
add react router to a redux application
filter state data in redux with a selector function and react router
configure a react redux application for production deployment and deploy to now

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