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DevOps Project CI/CD Git GITLAB Jenkins Nodejs React

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Overview of the Course :
End of course

Installing Required Software :
Introduction to various software
How to install Visual Studio code?
How to install virtual Box
Installing Git
Installing putty on windows

How to enable VT-X on your computer or laptop? :
How to enable VT-X?
How to create a Ubuntu Server
Download Ubuntu ISO
Creating Ubuntu server
Attaching ISO to the server
Setting up Ubuntu server
Reboot and connect using putty

Installing Gitlab :
Introduction to gitlab
Installing Gitlab
Reconfigure gitlab url
502 error and welcome page

Setting up Jenkins server and other softwares :
Introduction to Jenkins
How to Install Java
Installing Jenkins server
Plugins with failures
Jenkins admin user creation
Plugin and Blue Ocean

Reconfigure gitlab and jenkins servers :
Rename Jenkins url
Renaming virtual Machines
Renaming gitlab url to work with hostname

Git basics :
How to Register a new user on Gitlab
Creating a repository in gitlab
Creating a branch
create a merge request
How to register a new User in Gitlab?

Creating a Pipeline :
Creating a jenkins pipeline
Explaining pipeline

Creating Users :
Creating Tom User in Jenkins
Tom User API token and webhook failure
Creating other users

Jenkins and gitlab Integration :
URL Blocked gitlab webhook
Web hook success
Build triggered with rejection
Learning about folder and file permissions.
File and folder permissions

Creating a staging/test server :
How to generate keys
Creating a deployment user
Installing Nginx
Configure nginx default file
Installing nodejs and npm
creating data directory

Creating a production server :
Installing nodejs and npm
How to install Nginx
Working with Nginx config file
create deployment user
How to create wwwdata directory?
Nginx service

How to setup jenkins agent? :
Install java nodejs npm
Configure jenkins agent
Reconfigure to work with jenkins agent failed
Running pipeline failed
successfull deployment on test and prod server