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Develop Secure API Using AWS Lambda, Aurora Serverless MySql

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Overview
Introduction To AWS Lambda (FAAS)
Inroduction To API
Why Use Lambda
Setting Up AWS Account
Introduction To AWS IAM
MacOS Installation AWS CLI (Command Line Interface)
Windows Installation AWS CLI (Command Line Interface)

AWS Lambda & API Gateway :
Node JS Installation Best Practise
Introduction To REST API (RESTful API)
Creating First Lambda Function Using AWS Console
Lambda Function Package Deployment
Lambda Function S3 Deployment
Introduction To API Gateway
Integrate API Gateway With Lambda Function
Introduction To Cloudwatch
Error/Debug Lambda Function

Serverless Framework :
Introduction To Serverless Framework
Setup & Configuration Of Serverless Framework
Deploy/Invocation Lambda Function
Serverless Environment
Integrate Lambda Function With API Gateway Using Serverless Framework
Error/Debug Lambda Function Using Serverless Framework
Delete/Remove Lambda Functions

AWS Aurora Serverless MySql Compatible Database :
Introduction to AWS Aurora Serverless MySql Compatible Database
Introduction To VPC
Create An Aurora Serverless Cluster
Accessing Aurora Serverless Database & Test Queries
Introduction to AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
Create Aurora Serverless Cluster Using CDK
Connectivity Testing Lambda Function With Aurora Serverless MySql

Setup Local and Production Environment :
Docker Setup
Local Database Connectivity Test
Code Refactoring & API Client Setup
Local & Production Environment Configuration

API Security Using Cognito :
Introduction AWS Cognito
Cognito Configuration
Cognito Sign Up Part-1
Cognito Sign Up Part-2
Cognito Sign Up Part-3
Cognito Verification
Cognito Sign In

Serverless REST API CRUD Implementation :
Retrieve TODO API
Delete Todo API
Delete/Remove AWS Infrastructure Resources