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Design Case Study of 200KW On-Grid Solar Power Plant 2 Parts

Video Introducing this tutorial

Part 1:
001 Introduction to Section 1 and Basic Information about Site
002 Assessment of GHI In Photovoltaic Geographical Information System
003 Assessment of Area Available of the Roof in Google Earth Software
004 Manual Assessment of Roof Orientation and Material of Construction
005 Generation of 3D Sun Path Diagram
006 Metering Room Details
007 Collection of Utility Electricity Bills and Sanction Load Analysis
008 Recommendation on Optimum Solar Installation Capacity
009 Drafting of Feasibility Study Report
001 Reading the Datasheets of Solar Panel and Solar Inverter
002 Solar String Sizing
003 Voltage and Current Calculation of Strings and at MPPT Level
004 Connection of Solar Strings
001 Introduction to Shadow Analysis in Google Sketchup
002 Introduction to Google Sketch up
003 3D Construction of Site in Google Sketch Up
004 Construction of Solar Panel in Sketch up
005 Shadow Analysis in Google Sketch Up
006 Making of Solar Array Over Rooftop Area in Google Sketch up
007 Shadow Analysis of Solar Array in Google Sketch Up
001 Calculation of Energy Yield Estimation (Minimum and Average Radiation)
002 Monthly Energy Generation by Solar Power Plant In Excel Sheet
003 Probability Exceedance (P50,P75 and P90 Estimate)

Part 2:
001 Design of DC Combiner Box
002 Design Of DC Cable - Part 1
003 Design Of DC Cable - Part 2
004 Selection of Solar Inverter
005 Design Of AC Cable from Inverter to Incoming Breaker
006 Design Of AC Distribution Box
007 Sizing of Bus bar of AC Distribution Box
008 Design Of AC Cable from Main Breaker to LT Panel
001 Selection of CT Solar Generation meter
002 Selection of Protection Circuit Breaker
001 Circuit Diagram of 200kW Solar Power Plant
001 Calculation of Earthing Strip or Conductor
002 Calculation of Earth Pit Resistance
001 Selection of Lightening Arrester
001 Design of Mounting Structure
001 Buying Of Materials for 200kWp Solar Project
002. Projected Cost of 200kWpSolar Power Plant
001 Drafting of Detail Design Report