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DBeaver Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Database management with DBeaver
What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Getting to Know DBeaver :
What is DBeaver?
Touring the interface
Explore the DBeaver sample database
Create your own database connections
Add a PostgreSQL connection

2. Organize the Workspace with Projects :
Create and manage DBeaver projects
Store bookmarks to database objects
Set an active project
Add and link external files to the project
Customize the project explorer
Export and import projects

3. Working with Tabular Data :
View and organize table data
Filter rows shown in the results
Apply custom column filters
Finding specific values in the results
View summary statistics with the Calc panel
Obtain group statistics for a dataset
View execution history with the Query Manager
Edit data values

4. Database Objects and Structures :
Explore and modify object properties
Create a new table object
Compare table structures
Export data from a table
Import data to a table
Generate valid SQL commands

5. Entity Relationship Diagrams :
View and understand an ER diagram
Configure an ER diagram
Save and print an ER diagram

6. Writing Commands with the SQL Editor :
SQL scripts and the SQL console
Execute queries using the SQL console
Useful query writing techniques
Create and save project scripts
Save time with SQL templates
Improve legibility by formatting scripts

7. Additional Features of Enterprise Edition :
Creating charts from data results
Build queries with a visual editor
Generate sample data for testing
Compare two data sources

Conclusion :
Next steps