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Database Modernization

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Modernizing databases

1. Fundamentals of Database Modernization :
Drivers for database modernization
The benefits of database modernization
The database modernization process
Option 1: Rehosting databases
Option 2: Replatforming databases
Option 3: Refactoring databases
Rehost, replatform, or refactor?

2. Steps to Modernize Your Database :
Step 1: Database assessment
Step 2: Schema conversion
Step 3: Data migration

3. Planning Your Modernization Project :
Database assessments
Assessment steps
Assessment tools
Plan your migration

4. Schema Conversion :
Database schema conversion
Automatic schema conversion
Examples of schema conversion tools
Application data access layer

5. Data Migration :
Heterogenous data migration concepts
Requirements for logical data replication
Tools for data migration

Conclusion :
Additional resources