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Data Processing with Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Installing Python and Python libraries
Python editors - Spyder and iPython

Downloading Many Files with Python :
Section introduction
Navigating through FTP directory trees with Python
Storing Python code
Creating an FTP function
Downloading an FTP file
About the next lecture
Practice No.1: Creating an FTP File Downloader

Extracting Data from Archive Files :
Extracting ZIP, TAR, GZ and other archive file formats
Extracting RAR files
Practice No.2: Creating a Batch Archive Extractor

Working with TXT and CSV Files :
Section introduction
Reading delimited TXT and CSV files
Reading Excel files
Exporting data from Python to files
Reading fixed width TXT files
Exporting data back to HTML and other file formats
Data Analysis Exercise 1
Data Analysis Exercise 1: Solution

Getting Started with Pandas :
Get started with Pandas
Practice No.3: Calculating and Adding Columns to CSV Files
Data Analysis Exercise 2
Data Analysis Exercise 2: Solution
Merging Data
Practical No.4: Concatenating multiple CSV files
Data Analysis Exercise 3
Data Analysis Exercise 3: Solution
Practice No. 5: Joining Data Based on a Matching Column
Data Analysis Exercise 4
Data Analysis Exercise 4: Solution
Data Analysis Exercise 5
Solution: 5 of 6

Data Aggregation :
Practice No. 6: Pivoting Large Amounts of Data

Visualizing Data :
Data visualization with Python
More visualization techniques
Practice No. 7: Producing Image Files
Data Analysis Exercise 6
Data Analysis Exercise 6: Solution

Mapping Spatial Data :
Programmatically creating KML Google Earth files with Python
Practice No, 8: Creating KML Google Earth fIles from CSV data

Putting everything together :
User interaction
Exercise: User interaction
Exercise: User interaction: Solution
Practice No. 9: Polishing the Program, I
Practice No. 10: Polishing the Program, II
Practice No. 11: Creating Python Modules

Bonus Section: Using Python in Jupyter Notebooks to Boost Productivity :
Getting started with Jupyter Notebooks
Data cleaning project, Part I
Data cleaning project, Part II
Bonus Lecture