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CSS: Animation

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
CSS animation advantages

1. Overview of CSS Transitions and Transforms :
CSS transform basics
Simple 3D transforms
CSS transitions
Challenge: Adding a transition
Solution: Adding a transition

2. Understanding CSS Animations :
CSS keyframe animation fundamentals
animation-delay and animation-fill-mode
A closer look at animation-fill-mode
Timing functions and easing
The steps() timing function
Challenge: Adding keyframes to an animation
Solution: Adding keyframes to an animation

3. CSS Animation Building Blocks :
Infinitely looping animations
Pause and play with animation-play-state
Animating 3D transforms
Chaining multiple keyframe animations
Challenge: Adding a third animation to the chain
Solution: Adding a third animation to the chain

4. Animating SVGs with CSS :
Preparing an SVG for animation
SVG exporting and optimization settings
Animating SVG with CSS

5. Advanced CSS Animation Techniques :
Creating a motion path for CSS with offset-path
Animating CSS motion path with offset-path
Dynamic CSS animation with CSS variables
Animating variable fonts with CSS

6. Tools for Creating CSS Animations :
Using browser animation inspection tools

Conclusion :
Helpful online tools for CSS