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Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lighting

Class Introduction
Dissecting Non-Verbal Communication
Body Posture & Angles
Demo: Body Posture & Angles
Dissecting Gestures in Body Language
Legs Speak The Loudest
Arms Admit or Refuse Access
Pay Attention to Hands
Pay Attention to Body Position
The Head Position
Eye Direction
Facial Expression
Micro Gesture
First Impressions - The Fundamentals of Subject Interaction
Personal Space
High & Low Energy
Ability to Emphasize
Shoot: Learn to Read and Decipher Your Subjects
Take Control: Learn to Orchestrate, Not Dominate, the Studio
Organic Posing: Embracing the Subject’s Presence
Shoot: Demo Start to Finish
Images From Shoot Review
Lighting Overview
Demo: Emotion of Light
The Tone of Light
The Foundations of Light
Shoot: Determine Lighting
Shoot: Identify Your Own Preconceptions
Accents & Filler Light
Demo: Accents & Filler Light
Tailer Your Light
Matching Light for the Subject
Shoot: Matching Light for the Subject
Body Language Refresher
Shoot: Body Language & Light
Shoot: Break Down Barriers With Your Subject
Shoot: Give Your Subject Space
Shoot: Use Movement to Create Comfortability
Instructor Summary