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Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Class Introduction
2. Exploring Final Cut Pro X: Navigating the Interface
3. Exploring Final Cut Pro X: Project Timeline
4. Exploring Final Cut Pro X: Basic Editing
5. Refining Your Edit Introduction
6. Refining Your Edit: Trimming
7. Refining Your Edit: J and L Cuts
8. Refining Your Edit: Roll and Overwrite Edits
9. Refining Your Edit: Slip and Slide Edits
10. Refining Your Edit: Auditions
11. Setting Up a Project From Scratch
12. Setting Up a Project: Importing Media
13. Setting Up a Project: Keywords and Smart Collections
14. Working with Audio
15. Working with Audio: Syncing
16. Working with Audio: Mixing
17. Coming Soon: Working with Photos and Graphics
18. Coming Soon: Working with Photos and Graphics: Scaling and Positioning
19. Coming Soon: Working with Photos and Graphics: Ken Burns Effect
20. Coming Soon: Working with Photos and Graphics: Animating with Keyframes
21. Filters and Transitions Introduction
22. Filters and Transitions: Applying Transitions
23. Filters and Transitions: Applying Filters
24. Titles and Generators: Lower Thirds
25. Titles and Generators: Titles
26. Titles and Generators: Backgrounds
27. Advanced Skills: Color Correction
28. Advanced Skills: Speed Changes
29. Advanced Skills: Stabilization
30. Advanced Skills: Green Screen
31. Multi Camera Editing
32. Multi Camera Editing: Organizing Your Media
33. Multi Camera Editing: Creating a Clip
34. Multi Camera Editing: Audio
35. Multi Camera Editing: Working with 4K Footage
36. Finalizing, Exporting and Archiving: Final Checks and Tweaks
37. Finalizing, Exporting and Archiving: Exporting Final Project
38. Finalizing, Exporting and Archiving:Cleaning House and Archiving
39. Bootcamp QnA