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Elements of a Successful Shoot

What is Fashion Photography?
The Fashion Photographer's Kit
Elements of a Successful Shoot
Day 1 Creative Team Q&A
Shoot: Vintage (One Light, One Model)
Shoot: Vintage (Two Models)
Shoot: Natural Light (Two Models)
Shoot: Mod Look (One Model)
Shoot: Deck Lifestyle (Two Models)
Shoot: Beauty
Image Review
General Q&A
Testing and Personal Work
Developing Your Photographic Style
Interview: Haley Maybury, Editor of Papercut Magazine
Day 2 Creative Team Q&A
Shoot: Natural Window Light, Crown
Shoot: Natural Window Light, Leaves
Student Shoot: One Light Setup
Shoot: Model Interaction, One Light Setup
Shoot: Outdoors
Image Review
General Q&A
Introduction to Retouching
The Image Selection Process
Beauty Retouching
Dodge and Burn Technique
Interview: Tim Paton, Owner of Balcony Jump Management
Selective Color and Curves
Retouching Q&A
Black & White Processing
Retouching an Outdoor Image
Target Markets, Branding, and Marketing
Submitting and Pitching; Business Q&A
Pricing Your Work
Social Media
Fashion Portfolios
Lara's Final Thoughts

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