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Creating Simulations to Discover New Business Models

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Prescriptive Modeling for Data Science: Learn the Mathematics of Business Model Innovation :
Prescriptive modeling is a technique that enables you to generate completely new innovation scenarios, to find those that are most interesting and feasible. This video will teach you the the essential mathematics of prescriptive modeling, how to create useful simulations, and how to use this method to generate new, innovative business models that are capable of creating change in your organization.

Hands-on Techniques for Business Model Simulation: Practical Guide to Running Simulations and Working with Data :
This video covers the logic of simulating innovations. You’ll walk through a series of practical steps, including obtaining data, determining the most important variables, identifying the real variable correlations and distributions, creating random variables with required correlations, and simulating to distribution. You’ll also learn key concepts including functions, parameters, input and output, and composition.