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Udacity Intro to Self Driving Cars

The Carla Chronicles Back on Track
Get Ready
Joy Ride
Conditional Probability
Programming Probability in Python
Bayes Rule
Programming Bayes Rule and World Representations
Probability Distributions
Programming Probability Distributions
Gaussian Distributions
Robot Localization
Histogram Filter in Python
Section Overview
Introduction to Kalman Filters
State and Object-Oriented Programming
Matrices and Transformation of State
Implement Matrix Class
C Getting Started
C Vectors
Practical C
C Object Oriented Programming
Python and C Speed
Translate Python to C
C Intro to Optimization
C Optimization Practice
Project Optimize Histogram Filter
How to Solve Problems
Data Structures
The Search Problem
Implement Route Planner
Odometers, Speedometers and Derivatives
Accelerometers, Rate Gyros and Integrals
Two Dimensional Robot Motion and Trigonometry
Reconstructing Trajectories from Sensor Data
Computer Vision and Classification
Traffic Light Classifier
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