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Udacity Deep Learning Foundation v1.0.0

Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 01_Welcome
Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 02_Anaconda
Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 03_Jupyter Notebooks
Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 04_Applying Deep Learning
Part 01-Module 02-Lesson 01_Regression
Part 01-Module 03-Lesson 01_Matrix Math and NumPy Refresher
Part 01-Module 03-Lesson 02_Intro to Neural Networks
Part 01-Module 03-Lesson 03_Your first neural network
Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 01_Model Evaluation and Validation
Part 02-Module 02-Lesson 01_Sentiment Analysis with Andrew Trask
Part 02-Module 02-Lesson 02_Intro to TFLearn
Part 02-Module 02-Lesson 03_Preparing for Siraj's Lesson
Part 02-Module 03-Lesson 01_MiniFlow
Part 02-Module 04-Lesson 01_Cloud Computing
Part 02-Module 04-Lesson 02_Intro to TensorFlow
Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 01_Deep Neural Networks
Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 02_Convolutional Networks
Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 03_Siraj's Image Classification
Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 04_Image Classification
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 01_Intro to Recurrent Neural Networks
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 02_Siraj's Stock Prediction
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 03_Hyperparameters
Part 03-Module 02-Lesson 01_Embeddings and Word2vec
Part 03-Module 02-Lesson 02_Siraj's Style Transfer
Part 03-Module 02-Lesson 03_Q&A with FloydHub Founders
Part 03-Module 03-Lesson 01_TensorBoard
Part 03-Module 03-Lesson 02_Siraj's Music Generation
Part 03-Module 04-Lesson 01_Siraj's Text Summarization
Part 03-Module 04-Lesson 02_Weight Initialization
Part 03-Module 04-Lesson 03_Sentiment Prediction RNN
Part 03-Module 04-Lesson 04_Generate TV Scripts
Part 03-Module 05-Lesson 01_Transfer Learning in TensorFlow
Part 03-Module 05-Lesson 02_Siraj's Language Translation
Part 03-Module 06-Lesson 01_Sequence to Sequence
Part 03-Module 06-Lesson 02_Siraj's Chatbot
Part 03-Module 07-Lesson 01_Reinforcement Learning
Part 03-Module 07-Lesson 02_Siraj's Reinforcement Learning
Part 03-Module 07-Lesson 03_Translation Project
Part 03-Module 08-Lesson 01_Siraj's Image Generation
Part 03-Module 08-Lesson 02_Autoencoders
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 01_Generative Adversarial Networks
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 02_Siraj's Video Generation
Part 04-Module 02-Lesson 01_Siraj's One-Shot Learning
Part 04-Module 02-Lesson 02_Hyperparameters
Part 04-Module 02-Lesson 03_Deep Convolutional GANs
Part 04-Module 02-Lesson 04_Generate Faces
Part 04-Module 02-Lesson 05_Semi-Supervised Learning
Part 05-Module 01-Lesson 01_Enroll in your next Nanodegree program
Part 06-Module 01-Lesson 01_Welcome to Deep Learning
Part 06-Module 01-Lesson 02_Applying Deep Learning
Part 06-Module 01-Lesson 03_Anaconda
Part 06-Module 01-Lesson 04_Jupyter Notebooks
Part 06-Module 01-Lesson 05_Matrix Math and NumPy Refresher
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 01_Introduction to Neural Networks
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 02_Implementing Gradient Descent
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 03_Training Neural Networks
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 04_Sentiment Analysis
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 05_Keras
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 06_TensorFlow
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 01_Cloud Computing
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 02_CNNs in TensorFlow
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 03_Weight Initialization
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 04_Convolutional Neural Networks
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 05_Autoencoders
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 06_Transfer Learning in TensorFlow
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 07_Deep Learning for Cancer Detection with Sebastian Thrun
Part 08-Module 02-Lesson 01_CNN Project Dog Breed Classifier
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 01_Recurrent Neural Networks
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 02_Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTM)
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 03_Implementation of RNN and LSTM
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 04_Hyperparameters
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 05_Embeddings and Word2vec
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 06_Sentiment Prediction RNN
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 01_Generative Adversarial Networks
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 02_Deep Convolutional GANs
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 03_Semi-Supervised Learning
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 01_Introduction to RL
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 02_The RL Framework The Problem
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 03_The RL Framework The Solution
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 04_Dynamic Programming
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 05_Monte Carlo Methods
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 06_Temporal-Difference Methods
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 07_Solve OpenAI Gym's Taxi-v2 Task
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 08_RL in Continuous Spaces
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 09_Deep Q-Learning
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 10_Policy-Based Methods
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 11_Actor-Critic Methods
Part 11-Module 02-Lesson 01_Teach a Quadcopter How to Fly