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Learn to Program Crafting Quality Code

Video Introducing this tutorial

Palindrome Approaching the Problem (702)
Palindrome Algorithm 1 (504)
Palindrome Algorithm 2 (616)
Palindrome Algorithm 3 (508)
The Restaurant Recommendations Problem (243)
Restaurant Recommendations Representing the Data (618)
Restaurant Recommendations Planning the Program (1705)
Testing Automatically Using doctest (647)
Writing a '__main__' program (440)
Creating Your Own Types (618)
Testing Automatically Using unittest (440)
Choosing Test Cases (703)
Testing Functions that Mutate Values (323)2.0 Analyzing Algorithms (634)
Linear Search (641)
Binary Search (643)
Comparing Search Algorithms (1308)
Bubble Sort (552)
Selection Sort (343)
Insertion Sort (454).mp3.0 Creating a New Type (847)
Plugging Into Python Syntax (1054)
Writing Special Method __str__ (512)
Writing Classes That Interact (642)4.0 Passing Functions as Arguments (228)
Assigning Parameters Default Values (419)
Dealing with Exceptional Situations (726)