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Java Developer Nanodegree v1.0.0

03. Support for DevOps Adoption-vwjtcMmIe3A
04. All In vs Baby Steps-EpSpsXZtLg0
05. Change Model (ELSA)-TjzFBhqMd5M
06. Success Predictors-Y_PXU4GYpVE
07. Coming from Grassroots _1-Ae6ktlEeWCM
08. From Management_1-bkR-LycQgNE
09. The Start -v-CPdGF0_kg
10. Working with Strong Hierarchy_1-Zwq-j7WFo3Q
11. Dealing with Silos-fS-ROwOSuYo
12. Best Practices-Bw65ezQzlhc
13. Metrics_1-juB-vw7CeIU
14. Antipattern Hiring a DevOps Team-8bJz5-33TOw
1. CloudEng Course1 Lesson1 CourseIntroduction-LYFtP12HKsw
2. CloudEng Course1 Lesson1 InstructorIntroduction-iALvqjv8Rso
3. CloudEng Course1 Lesson1 LessonIntroduction-fQa42y3n24g
4. CloudEng Course1 Lesson1 WhatisCloudComputing FINAL-zjjgDZm6SwY
5. CloudEng Course1 Lesson1 TypesOfCloudComputing FINAL-FAelrlZOnUM
6. CloudEng Course1 Lesson1 DeploymentModels FINAL-3JOzVv5Ivao
7. CloudEng C01 L01 Benefits Of Cloud V1-MtUUy7EVgCA
8. CloudEng C01 L01 Popular Cloud Platforms V1-XMTOHF87iHg
9. CloudEng C01 L01 Amazon Web Services AWS Overview V1-GLS0-P2ZvgQ
10. CloudEng C01 L01 Global Infrastructure V1-mwbvOPahfnY
11. CloudEng C01 L01 Shared Responsibility Model V1-R-r7rsnXh84
13. CloudEng Course1 Lesson1 LessonRecap-AkQqEMgkj0s
1. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 Introduction-Dg-pP8tlMsk
2. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 WhyWeNeedServers V1-YOb_xldWC3I
3. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 ElasticCloudComputeEC2 (PART 1) V1-htF6NAShybQ
4. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 ElasticCloudComputeEC2 (PART 2) V1-MdoG9MuTib8
5. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 ElasticBlockStore(EBS)(PART 1) V1-v722E_iNf9s
6. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 ElasticBlockStore(EBS)(PART 2) V1-L2uyenlb_LA
7. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 WhyWeNeedSecurity V1-SyKMFdedZmU
8. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 VirtualPrivateCloud(VPC)(PART 1) V1-1ozEnP2Tjmg
9. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 VirtualPrivateCloud(VPC)(PART 2) V1-md9n5hoxb-8
11. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 WhyWeNeedComputePower V1-nukNy2zf7rU
12. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 Lambda(PART 1) V1-JVaYHLSH_oE
13. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 Lambda(PART 2) V1-grV-jThkxDM
15. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 ElasticBeanstalk V1-trqjWaRswXA
17. CloudEng Course1 Lesson2 Recap-0Ig9MwaxQq0
1. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 Introduction-g8b5kgxzUfQ
2. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 WhyWeNeedStorage V1-zwepSeXsutA
3. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 S3Glacier(PART ONE) V1-dGhnH2CPSr0
4. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 S3Glacier(PART TWO) V1-4J2eJMy6nCw
5. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 DynamoDB(PART ONE) V1-_iB8YU6FpTA
6. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 DynamoDB(PART TWO) V1-Dxmd3PS4Q6s
8. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 RDS(PART ONE) V1-fQjCOHCUw5I
9. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 RDS(PART TWO) V1-MvenEn3HB3s
10. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 Redshift V1-rNXWXR_3jRo
12. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 WhyWeNeedContent V1-iyRVjN6xg0w
13. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 CloudFront(PART ONE) V1-nmK8dr7XrRg
14. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 CloudFront(PART TWO) V1-ST3ZOvVo36s
16. CloudEng Course1 Lesson3 Recap-VeB590QFc_o
1. CloudEng Course1 Lesson4 Introduction-Sig-X6acI08
2. CloudEng Course1 Lesson4 WhyWeNeedSecurity V1-tTDVF_GtAyw
3. CloudEng Course1 Lesson4 Shield V1-BBgUtzXUGjI
4. CloudEng Course1 Lesson4 WAF V1-79_HJIwT-fE
5. CloudEng Course1 Lesson4 IAM(PART ONE) V1-sECvyZxb7Cw
6. CloudEng Course1 Lesson4 IAM(PART TWO) V1-a5ErgSkmxe8
8. CloudEng Course1 Lesson4 Recap-W3iVR_7RcZw
1. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 Introduction-9b0DNf87bYM
2. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 WhyWeNeedNetworking V1-dr8mRps-UVg
3. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 Route53 V1-Orkgd16gcLk
4. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 WhyWeNeedElasticity V1-RzdF5THMM_U
5. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 EC2AutoScaling(PART ONE) V1-PHher5CL1iE
6. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 EC2AutoScaling(PART TWO) V1-zgy3Y2YyEy4
7. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 ElasticLoadBalancing(PART ONE) V1-7DpXBqzBUrc
8. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 ElasticLoadBalancing(PART TWO) V1-k94dp2caK-o
10. CloudEng Course1 Lesson5 Recap-omh9qDNV3Os
1. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 Introduction-cmZd4svDAW8
2. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 WhyWeNeedMessaging V1-fTCEEDPIMBA
3. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 SNS(PART ONE) V1-vW60dbTMQS0
4. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 SNS(PART TWO) V1-wooRtQ5n10k
5. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 WhyWeNeedQueuing V1-WnkroShldb8
6. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 SQS(PART ONE) V1-QdmaZx1jkcw
7. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 SQS(PART TWO) V1-3m_9ja6qrNw
9. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 WhyWeNeedContainers V1-WXuXp3WSz6E
10. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 ElasticContainerService(PART ONE) V1-W3XqJWl38k8
11. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 ElasticContainerService(PART TWO) V1-2jVSICPoyNE
12. CloudEng Course1 Lesson6 Recap-hq3jOhugjdQ
1. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 Introduction-51B9ycfTnfM
2. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 WhyWeNeedLogging V1-EkGOy_ZMA0A
3. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CloudTrail(PART ONE) V1-6DRW-SRpB7Q
4. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CloudTrail(PART TWO) V1-edLoAQUqn9c
5. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CloudWatch(PART ONE) V1-duVHCfGHI2k
6. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CloudWatch(PART TWO) V1-nvqyem5IW2c
8. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 InfrastructureAsCode V1-aD0xos0IcGo
9. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CloudFormation(PART ONE) V1-ZeqZefQurmE
10. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CloudFormation(PART TWO) V1--_y54MMp-rM
12. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CLI(PART ONE) V1-aeRjJ_Ky0lI
13. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CLI(PART TWO) V1-vce4JMA7toI
14. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 Recap--1nO-a9gt4o
15. CloudEng Course1 Lesson7 CourseRecap-TdWEGJuZggA
1. ND9991 C02 L01 A01.1 Intro And Dev Ops V2-jXH8eciF6Zs
2. ND9991 C02 L01 A02 Course Overview-iKYE3YToVN4
3. ND9991 C02 L01 A01.5 What Is Cloud Computing-mPw3zBGyQV0
4. ND9991 C02 L01 A01.2 Intro And Dev Ops-E_LPxEzatDI
5. ND9991 C02 L01 A01.3 Intro And Dev Ops-7EW0A-qlzFw
5. ND9991 C02 L01 A01.4 Intro And Dev Ops-NtaNe7ioFzM
6. ND9991 C02 L01 A03 What Do I Need To Get Started--tLLB6fA6f_A
7. ND9991 C02 L01 A04 Creating Access Key ID--3zKIoSiDRo
8. ND9991 C02 L01 A05 Configuring AWS CLI-6hZrwxBiPaI
9. ND9991 C02 L01 A06 Adding Additional Keys-41Uca2Hoilo
10. ND9991 C02 L01 A07 Understanding Cloud Formation V2-Uom73nRVUY4
11. ND9991 C02 L01 A08 Getting Started With Cloud Formation Script-n8BFzWxu0dY
12. ND9991 C02 L01 A09 Testing Cloud Formation V2-F9C0gtnSwk0
13. ND9991 C02 L01 A11 Creating A Resource Manually (VPC)-d8s8VaELbAM
14. ND9991 C02 L01 A12 API Client-5q7EYX677xQ
15. ND9991 C02 L01 A13 Automating With Cloud Formation-j4lNnaUNjkg
16. ND9991 C02 L01 A14 Verifying In Console-176sqCkBdZo
17. ND9991 C02 L01 A15 Outro-TbuMGXSRK_w
1. ND9991 C02 L02 A01 Intro-MK8_IYMA_fg
2. ND9991 C02 L02 A02 Generalizing To Other Cloud Providers-cGSYb_9FSDY
3. ND9991 C02 L02 A03 Setting Up Lucid Charts-5nyQp7alKW8
5. ND9991 C02 L02 A04 Diagramming AWS Accounts And Regions-S7EDZcVBI3M
7. ND9991 C02 L2 A05 Diagramming Availability Zone-YSdCYC2QTDk
9. ND9991 C02 L02 A07 VPC V2-dYFNnYxsHCk
11. ND9991 C02 L02 A09 Public Vs Private Subnets-R4uk2Z9BA4Y
13. ND9991 C02 L02 A10 IGW Internet Gateway-YNEtyqVJPX4
15. ND9991 C02 L02 A11 NATs V2--1PBVBWG7Xw
17. ND9991 C02 L02 A12 Auto Scaling V2-VrrHwYf-EQE
19. ND9991 C02 L02 A13.1 Intro To Load Balancers And Servers-JNZUMDSNlwI
19. ND9991 C02 L2 A13.2 Load Balancers And Servers-IlVOOlctIkc
21. ND9991 C02 L2 A14 Security Groups-Xg4NDlUsC9U
23. L2 - Routing Table-Oz-JEyhrkIM
23. ND9991 C02 L02 A15.1 Routing Tables Overview-BTej1k7r6Qg
25. ND9991 C02 L2 A17 S3-8arlUCAVK38
27. ND9991 C02 L2 A16 No Label-PtMvsoHwbWY
28. ND9991 C02 L02 A19 Outro-8yhBjDOeCbs
1. 01 - L3 Intro-_APPBcY5GrM
2. 02 - L3 -No Title--sDbpsJVXd8M
3. ND9991 C02 L03 A03-1 VPC And Internet Gateway P1-Es5BXzhreMk
3. ND9991 C02 L03 A03-2 VPC And Internet Gateway P2-ji4AoQjY8Os
3. ND9991 C02 L03 A03-2 VPC And Internet Gateway P3-fOIOIeDiad0
4. ND9991 C02 L03 A04-1 NAT Gateway And Subnets Part 1-POSjbgeUoU8
4. ND9991 C02 L03 A04-2 NAT Gateway And Subnets Part 2-ycguCh6ReVo
4. ND9991 C02 L03 A04-3 NAT Gateway And Subnets Part 3-RrExFA9b8GM
4. ND9991 C02 L03 A04-4 NAT Gateway And Subnets Part 4-KyYaGcT3200
4. ND9991 C02 L03 A04-5 NAT Gateway And Subnets Part 5-10GkOFKHBXg
5. ND9991 C02 L03 A07-1 Routing Part 1-EyyDDGgrcdo
5. ND9991 C02 L03 A07-2 Routing Part 2-t9viU9vNJTc
5. ND9991 C02 L03 A07-3 Routing Part 3-XRub_LCjKa8
6. ND9991 C02 L03 A08-1 Outputs Part 1-KeFVml7-9Po
6. ND9991 C02 L03 A08-2 Outputs Part 2-KMwHNSBiXic
7. 10 -L3 Outro-aq9xZ-fcRiY
1. 01 - L4 Intro--pJ1pXFiHccQ
2. ND9991 C2 L04 A02 No Title-lBIDgNZ0O84
3. ND9991 C2 L04 A03.1 Understanding Security Groups-QQ0jyDt_B0E
4. ND9991 C2 L04 A03.2 Security Groups-NyasAk9s3ys
5. ND9991 C2 L04 A03.3 Creating Autoscaling Group-B4kf8zv5q1I
6. ND9991 C2 L04 A04.1 Launch Configuration-QGM_Sf3YuiU
7. ND9991 C2 L04 A05.1 No Title-c_6_6Rb0308
8. ND9991 C2 L04 A05.2 No Title-Ygtn4MsZjwA
9. ND9991 C2 L04 A05.3 No Title-01spAEvMoVw
10. ND9991 C2 L04 A06.1 No Title-kN8Ezf_seEI
11. ND9991 C2 L04 A06.2 No Title-tUWv03PAzfc
12. ND9991 C2 L04 A07 Outro--tY6lyLsmfE
1. ND9991 C02 L05 A01 Intro-LjitAfe-YEo
2. ND9991 C02 L05 A02.1 RDS Databases-ZmyQ9m6T0fo
3. ND9991 C02 L05 A02.2 RDS Databases-CkZd2cMXjuw
4. ND9991 C02 L05 A02.3 RDS Databases-cVKSN9UEfK4
5. ND9991 C02 L05 A03.1 S3-BkYGG3vMT9M
6. ND9991 C02 L05 A03.2 S3-MOUEt0QOnJk
7. ND9991 C02 L05 A03.3 S3-386fQlzDVQ0
8. ND9991 C02 L05 A04 Keypoints-bZY_HW0mrc0
9. ND9991 C02 L05 A05 Outro-YFJFpw6Rcfc
2. Introduction-Vnj2VNQROtI
3. GitHub profile important items-prvPVTjVkwQ
4. Good GitHub repository-qBi8Q1EJdfQ
5. Interview with Art - Part 1-ClLYamtaO-Q
6. Identify fixes for example "bad" profile-AF07y1oAim0
6. Identify fixes for example "bad" profile-ncFtwW5urHk
7. Quick Fixes-Lb9e2KemR6I
8. Quick Fixes #2-It6AEuSDQw0
9. Writing READMEs with Walter-DQEfT2Zq5_o
10. Interview with Art - Part 2-Vvzl2J5K7-Y
12. Reflect on your commit messages-_0AHmKkfjTo
13. Participating in open source projects-OxL-gMTizUA
14. Interview with Art - Part 3-M6PKr3S1rPg
15. Participating in open source projects 2-elZCLxVvJrY
16. Starring interesting repositories-U3FUxkm1MxI
16. Starring interesting repositories-ZwMY5rAAd7Q
1. ND#9991 C03 L01 A01 Teacher Introduction-hVY8GNvhfek
3. ND#9991 C3 Interview-HN4FeArAz5A
4. ND#9991 C03 L01 A02 Intro To Jenkins-E18pi8GYwWE
5. ND#9991 C03 L01 A03 AWS Setup-Iqt0zDm3wCU
6. ND#9991 C03 L01 A04 IAM And EC2-Wl8tLO59Y90
6. ND#9991 C03 L01 A05 AWS Stopping And Imaging EC2-_VZQ954tPfM
8. ND#9991 C03 L01 A06 Installing Jenkins-iVxigCxK5Q8
9. ND#9991 C03 L01 A07 Logging In To Jenkins GUI And Managing Plugins-9vj9zukg8ig
9. ND9991 C03 L01 A08 Jenkins Recap FINAL-bGwrSLfo3Ms
11. ND9991 C03 L01 A09 Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment FINAL-66j2hTy4G68
1. ND#9991 C03 L02 A01 Intro To Blueocean-L1p9eUIKIAw
2. ND#9991 C03 L02 A02 Blueocean Setup Install S3 Plugin-fy8qkh7uI54
3. ND#9991 C03 L02 A04 Adding A Github Repo To A Pipeline V2-Au49ZnAnWe0
4. ND#9991 C03 L02 A10 Development & Staging Pipelines-yUlIlnvljDI
4. ND#9991 C03 L02 A12 Recap-Ezpg716RC7E
5. ND#9991 C03 L02 A0- Triggers Demo-9-YjFsph6iY
5. ND#9991 C03 L02 A05 Pipeline Triggers-dJubkXoQgbI
6. ND#9991 C03 L02 A12 Pipeline Testing Using Linting FINAL-4WNvTUWZJLw
Security Testing With Aqua-euZxiuHmrjI
Pipeline Testing - Further Topics FINAL--KFuPHaV3gg
Blue Green-3DYFdgXsa74
Deployment Strategies Story V2-2K9fnIkNWyQ
1 Configuration Management For Ansible V3-3C0yEM6GPls
2 Templates V3-Mkw825o2XUU
3. ND#9991 C03 L04 A03 Services-5NPOo1v5RyM
4 Conditionals-nAuMMG2TdoM
(Formerly L4) A06 Running Ansible FINAL-wygtmH4LZCs
7 Outro-GkCJ9-RpOjU
1 Monitoring Intro-Ee9PLDrF06M
2 Monitoring Using Prometheus FINAL-fThV6by52yc
3 Configuring Node Exporter FINAL-oOocpSNAQA0
4 Graphana-XqLg4nWX_7g
5 Monitoring With ELK-QQOgYoAF8qk
6 Install Elasticsearch Using Ansible FINAL-9NldrNihX6g
7 Install And Configure Kibana-5CaciBLvtJ0
8 Configure Logstash-U0un-m-8Wk4
v1 0 0Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 05_Jenkins Pipelines on AWS1. Alfredo Deza Intro-wf7xkYnd4bQ
v1 0 0Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 05_Jenkins Pipelines on AWS2. Project-Overview-ttJQKyEa1o4
01. ND9991 C04 L01 A01 FaaS (Function Of As A Service)-ZkIfjISDYtM
02. ND9991 C04 L01 A01.1 FaaS (A Model For Serverless)-ZucBmjMqoLU
04. ND9991 C04 L01 A02 Benefits Of FaaS-3FtxeF7sgis
05. ND9991 C04 L01 A03 Cloud Native-XPSoLDJIl8o
06. ND9991 C04 L01 A03.1 Characteristics Of Cloud Native Systems-AsWnzQ-5804
08. ND9991 C04 L01 A04 AWS & Cloud 9-T_OdN3e-uQU
09. ND9991 C04 L01 A05 Lambda Functions-bPXS4bOzobE
10. ND9991 C04 L01 A06 Deploying And Testing-pH77MnBG0d0
12. ND9991 C04 L01 A07 Event Handling- Making Change-r84K6g1Z7eQ
15. ND9991 C04 L01 A08 Deploy & Use API Gateway-lmYLm0oUU2U
16. ND9991 C04 L01 A09 Local Requests-ACksPOpe99c
20. ND9991 C04 L01 A010 Wikipedia Example-7iIXWjsjhJQ
21. ND9991 C04 L01 A011 Test & Response-rbChF22ZE_w
22. ND9991 C04 L01 A012 Summary-lHaBjfCjfIg
1. ND9991 C04 L02 A01 Docker Containers-gYB82PT4nkM
2. ND9991 C04 L02 A02 Setting Up A Local Environment-sSuuD2WzAJw
3. ND9991 C04 L02 A03 Makefiles-Zy3noyI7Q-I
5. ND9991 C04 L02 A04 Install Docker-3htCoFamfjo
6. ND9991 C04 L02 A05 Linting And Circle CI-IyBwcaVl1f4
7. ND9991 C04 L02 A06 Running Dockerfiles-OyML94gbcDc
8. ND9991 C04 L02 A07 Deploying To Amazon ECR-q5YVELPpbaQ
9. ND9991 C04 L02 A08 Summary-t1qvK-Yg58g
1. ND9991 C04 L03 A01 Docker Based Apps-wUrb9v-diVk
2. ND9991 C04 L03 A02 Install Packages-fYuiwzx0uzI
3. ND9991 C04 L03 A03 Copying An Application-tRel4dvNS4M
4. ND9991 C04 L03 A04 App Setup-16NmiumiraU
5. ND9991 C04 L03 A05 App Start-4s6sk7WVSok
6. ND9991 C04 L03 A06 Code Example-EmF8l9Ew2i4
8. ND9991 C04 L03 A07 Summary-V4Poy77lzUY
1. ND#9991 C04 L04 A01 Install Kubernetes-51TqKXsqM7Q
2. ND#9991 C04 L04 A02 Overview Of Kubernetes-wLYFNMVDNtc
3. ND#9991 C04 L04 A03 Monitoring Logging And Debugging With Kubernetes-li1XFcv0W80
7. ND#9991 C04 L04 A04 Autoscaling With CPU Or Memory-MFQ9lOUIit0
8. ND#9991 C04 L04 A05 Summary-Sb6tt5l7SMU
1. ND#9991 C04 L05 A01 Alerts And Incedent Response-7fz86xAInPo
2. ND#9991 C04 L05 A02 Disaster Recovery-m2XVJHfwSTw
3. ND#9991 C04 L05 A02 CI-CD Pipeline Integration-zTIbWr_1X2I
5. ND#9991 C04 L05 A04 CI-CD Load Testing-8Lg_mIoMQ74
7. ND#9991 C04 L05 A05 Summary-bN1o0VvvGbQ
8. ND#9991 C04 L05 A06 Course Wrap Up-gsb7XtmJ04U
1. ND#9991 C04 L05 A07 Project Overview-FhPbUgH8_E8
1. Why Network-exjEm9Paszk
2. Meet Chris-0ccflD9x5WU
3. Elevator Pitch-S-nAHPrkQrQ
4. Elevator Pitch-0QtgTG49E9I
4. Pitching to a Recruiter-LxAdWaA-qTQ
01. Interview with Aanchal Gupta-d_hLToIvH74
03. What Is Networking-TAOe3l-UUOI
04. IPv4 Addressing-Y84oFJ7DbjM
05. Addressing And Networking 1-oO_mJEet-uo
05. Addressing And Networking 2-YxamxHBVJkQ
06. Decapsulation-rHwtPAAhT4s
06. Encapsulation-ak2ioSGU01g
06. Network Transmission Walkthrough-hl2xa7Ahy0E
06. OSI Model Walkthrough-MKDhdo2hDWE
07. Switching-xZRur0Qk8L8
08. Ethernet Packets-0OzGSs6HghQ
09. Switching At Scale-V6iC5Q6nD2w
10. Virtual LANs-rWDnm-SSazo
11. Not Enough Addresses - Part 1-IOwZiH2LaGE
11. Not Enough Addresses - Part 2-WK6QLjORF7Q
12. Wireshark Exercise #1-QbFYsvir2d4
12. Wireshark Exercise #2-EdjzzwdDfXE
12. Wireshark-7amCyeLNq2A
13. Understanding DNS-3m24z5CKh7U
14. DNS Records-nP26VKugAWU
15. More about DNS Hierarchical Structure-X88Nz8Tuydc
15. Wireshark Exercise #3-Pn-CmJPmLdw
16. Load Balancing Benefit - Availability-comayuPiBWA
16. Load Balancing Benefit - Scalability-lHuVOA2TMkI
16. The Process Of Load Balancing-1bT_AI773vM
16. What Is Load Balancing-OBjOoiaKkFU
17. BGP Anycast-r2PllbbjdVo
17. Dedicated Load Balancing-IFaP8xkRCBc
17. Kinds Of Load Balancing-qghI9t8dql0
17. Policy-Based DNS-UuqQltSFLe0
17. Round Robin-4iILKzbYrDA
18. What We Covered-w0x3Ui6D4Gk