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Getting Started With Music Theory

Basic Materials: Overview, Tonality, Notation
Course Overview
Tonality and Atonality
Harmonic Function
Harmonic Hierarchy
Notation I: Pitch
Notation II: Rhythmic Notation
Notation III: Measures and Measure Numbers
Notation IV: Notation In Action

Scales, Keys, and Intervals
Half Steps, Whole Steps, and the Diatonic Set
Major Scales
Key Signatures
Sharp Key Signatures
Flat Key Signatures And The Circle of Fifths
Minor Scales
Relative Minor
Forms Of Minor Scales
Generic Intervals
Interval Quality and Diatonic Intervals
More Diatonic Intervals
Chromatic Intervals and Inversion

Rhythm and Meter
Accents and Meter Beats
Rhythm and Meter II: Subdivisions of the Beat
Meter III: Simple and Compound Meters
Metric Notation In Practice
Metric Notation: Tuplets

Chords, Triads, and Harmony
Triads II: Inversions
Triads III: Quality
Seventh Chords
Qualities of Seventh Chords
Fully Diminished Seventh Chords
Chord Symbols
Roman Numeral Notation