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Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Week 1 - Introduction RC & Introduction to Electrical Circuits MB :
Rob Clark Introduction
Oscillations in Space and Time
Time and Frequency Domain Representations of Sound
Auditory Perception and Sound Localization
Acoustic Resonance: Helmholtz Resonators
Acoustic Resonance: Loudspeakers
Electrical Charge and Current
Electric Fields and Electric Potential
Electrical Circuits: Kirchoff's Voltage Law
Electrical Circuits: Voltage Dividers
Volume Control and Loudness Perception
Electrical Circuits: Kirchoff's Current Law
Electrical Circuits: Nodal Analysis

Week 2 - Acoustic Resonance RC & Electrical Circuits MB :
Resonant Modes of a String
Effects of String Parameters on Resonant Modes
Resonant Modes in a Room
Resonant Modes in a Duct
Reverberation and Room Acoustics
Power and Energy
Power and Energy Dissipation in Circuits
Real Voltage and Current Sources
Impedence Matching Derivation
Ideal and Real Current Sources
Operational Amplifiers
Using the OP AMP as a voltage follower
Inverting OP AMP Configuration

Week 3 - Some Necessary Mathematics MB & AC Circuit Analysis :
Mathematics: Sample Derivatives and Rules?
The Number e; Derivatives of sin and cos
Simple Harmonic Oscillator
Complex Numbers and Arithmetic
Complex Exponentials and Eulers Formula
Transient Analysis of an RC Circuit
Frequency Response of an RC Circuit
Transient Response of an RL Circuit
RL Lowpass and Highpass Circuits
Phasors in AC Circuit Analysis
Generalized Impedance
Circuit Analysis Example
Impedance Analysis of RL Circuit
Filters as Frequency Dependant Voltage Dividers

Week 4 - AC Signals & Loudspeakers and Radiation RC :
Fourier Series of a Square Wave
Fourier Series of a Triangle Wave
Overtone Spectrums and Fourier Series
Graphical Interpretation of Fourier Series Integrals
Spectral Analysis
Spectral Analysis Examples
Filters applied to Frequency spectra
Construction of a Guitar Pickup
Electrical Model of a Guitar Pickup
Guitar Pickup Analysis Continued (wr Q)
Frequency Response of a Guitar Pickup
Loudspeaker Radiation and Directionality
Loudspeaker Radiation, Continued
Electromechanical Model of a Loudspeaker
Loudspeaker and Transducer Parameters

Week 5 - Closed Box Loudspeaker Design RC & Ported Loudspeaker Design :
General Guidelines
Closed Box Design
Design Tools and Conclusions
Model of a Ported Loudspeaker
Design of Loudspeaker Port
Design Tradeoffs
Port Design Parameters
Comparison of Closed Box and Ported Designs

Week 6 - Guitar Pickup and Effects Analysis MB & Design and Construction of a Guitar Amplifier MB :
Volume and Tone Control
Tone Control and Pickup Analysis
Tone Control and Pickup Analysis, Continued
RLC Bandpass Filters
Graphic Equalizers and Octave Filter Banks
Graphic Equalizer Simulation
Wah Pedal Circuit Analysis
Wah Pedal Circuit Analysis, Continued
Design Overview and Tone Control Analysis
Tone Control Analysis Continued
Distortion Stage Analysis
Distortion Stage Analysis, Continued
Cabinet Design for the Guitar Amplifier
Practical Considerations in Constructing the Amplifier
Robert Clark
Mark Bocko, Distinguished Professor and Chair

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