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Word 365 Intermediate

Introduction :

Working with Styles :
Using Styles
Creating a Style Based on Text
Modifying a Style
Using Styles to Navigate or Reorder Text
Working with Style Sets
Creating and Applying Font and Color Sets
Working with Themes
What are Templates?
Creating a Template
Modifying the Normal Template
Modifying Custom Templates
Changing the Custom Office Template Locations

Working with Lists and Tables :
Creating a Bulleted List
Creating a Custom Bullet
Creating a Numbered List
Creating a Multilevel List
Sorting a List
Creating a Table
Formatting Text in a Table
Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns
Adjusting Row and Column Width and Height
Merging and Splitting Cells
Sorting Table Items
Aligning Table Text
Changing Text Direction in a Table
Adjusting Cell Margins
Adding Styles, Borders and Shading
Converting Text to a Table

Working with Data in Word :
Sorting in a Table
Repeating Table Header Rows and Setting Page Breaks
Working with Calculations in a Table
Working with Excel Data in Word
Copying, Pasting, and Linking Excel Data
Creating a Chart in Word
Editing Chart Data
Formatting a Chart

Advanced Document Layout :
Controlling Page Breaks
Working with Section Breaks
Using Section Breaks with Margins and Page Orientation
Applying Columns
Modifying Columns
Adding Borders and Shading
Applying Different Headers or Footers
Creating a Signature Line

Collaborating in Word :
Working with Comments
Using Track Changes
Reviewing and Accepting Changes
Customizing Markups
Comparing and Merging Two Documents
Combining Documents

Working with Pictures, Shapes and Drawing Tools :
Applying a Picture Style and Effects
Adjusting a Picture
Removing a Picture Background
Inserting a Text Box from the Gallery
Drawing and Formatting a Text Box
Adding, Selecting and Deleting Shapes
Resizing, Rotating and Replacing Shapes
Using the Selection Pane
Copying or Duplicating a Shape
Customizing Fill Color and Outline for a Shape
Using a Shape Effect
Using a Drawing Canvas
Positioning and Moving Shapes or Objects
Wrapping Text
Grouping and Layering Objects
Aligning Objects

Inserting Special Characters :
Creating SmartArt
Formatting and Customizing SmartArt
Working with Text and Typography Effects
Creating and Modifying WordArt
Inserting a 3D Model
Working with Equations

Conclusion :
Course Recap

Final Assessment Quiz - Word 365 Intermediate :
Final Assessment Quiz - Word 365 Intermediate