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Slack: A Complete Guide

Introduction :

Getting Started with Slack :
What is Slack?
Joining a Slack Workspace
Setting a Status and Editing a Profile
Downloading the Desktop App
Using the Mobile App
Connecting to Outside Apps

Working with Channels :
Overview of Channels
Creating a Channel
Editing and Deleting a Channel

Working with Messages :
Sending a Message
Viewing Messages
Sending a Direct Message
Editing and Deleting a Message

Working with Calls :
Making a Call
Sharing Your Screen in a Call

Sharing Files and Conversations :
Overview of Files in Slack
Adding a File to Your Workspace
Creating and Sharing a Post
Creating and Sharing a Snippet

Searching and Shortcuts in Slack :
Searching in Slack
Using Slash Commands
Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Conclusion :
Course Recap

Final Assessment Quiz - Slack: A Complete Guide :
Final Assessment Quiz - Slack: A Complete Guide