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PowerPoint 2019 Introduction

Introduction :

Getting Started with PowerPoint :
What is PowerPoint?
Opening PowerPoint
Touring the Interface
Using the Ribbon
Navigating PowerPoint Views

Creating a Presentation :
Creating a New Presentation
Adding Text and Slides
Working with Bulleted Lists
Applying a Theme
Using Transitions
Saving a Presentation
Using AutoSave and AutoRecover
Working with File Properties

Editing a Presentation :
Moving and Copying Slides
Using Outline View
Cutting and Copying Slide Content

Formatting Slide Text :
Using Character Formatting
Working with Paragraph Formatting
Using Format Painter
Working with the Slide Master
Customizing a Bulleted List
Working with Numbered Lists
Inserting a Text Box

Working with Graphics :
Inserting Pictures
Resizing and Arranging Pictures
Working with Picture Effects and Styles
Adding and Working with Shapes
Resizing and Arranging Shapes
Formatting Shapes
Working with 3D Models
Using WordArt

Adding Tables and Charts :
Adding a Table
Working with Rows and Columns
Customizing the Table Design
Splitting and Merging Cells
Creating a Chart
Formatting Chart Elements
Customizing the Chart Design

Preparing and Delivering a Presentation :
Proofing a Presentation
Creating and Using a Zoom
Working with Speaker Notes and the Handout Master
Printing a Presentation
Converting a Presentation to PDF
Delivering a Presentation
Using Presenter View

Conclusion :
Course Recap