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PowerPoint 2019 Advanced

Introduction :

Collaborating in PowerPoint :
Reusing Slides from an Existing Presentation
Creating Slides from a Word Outline
Using Excel Data in PowerPoint
Linking Excel Data in PowerPoint
Co-Authoring in PowerPoint
Using Comments
Comparing and Merging Presentations

Working with Masters, Themes and Templates :
Understanding the Slide Master
Making Global Changes with the Master
Creating and Editing Layout Masters
Adding an Image to a Master
Adding Footers to Slides
Customizing and Saving a Theme
Creating a Template
Modifying Notes and Handout Masters
Working with Multiple Slide Masters

Working with Animations and Transitions :
Adding Animation
Customizing Animation Effect Options
Creating a Motion Path
Configuring Animation Timing and Start Options
Reordering and Copying Animation
Animating Bulleted Lists, Charts, and SmartArt
Applying Slide Transitions
Customizing Slide Transitions

Advanced Graphic and Media Features :
Creating SmartArt
Working with SmartArt Text and Bullets
Customizing SmartArt
Inserting and Configuring Audio
Inserting Video
Configuring Video Playback Options
Customizing Video Style Options
Inserting a Screen Recording

Advanced Presentation Features :
Adding Hyperlinks
Using Action Buttons
Creating a Custom Slide Show
Creating and Working with Sections

Advanced Slide Show Options :
Adding Annotations to Slides
Working with Hidden Slides
Recording Slide Timings
Configuring A Self-Running Presentation
Drawing and Writing with Digital Ink
Creating a Video from a Presentation
Packaging a Presentation

Conclusion :
Course Recap

Final Assessment Quiz - PowerPoint 2019 Advanced :
Final Assessment Quiz - PowerPoint 2019 Advanced
20 questions

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