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Office 365 Introduction to Flow

Introduction :

Flow Overview :
Flow Overview
Types of Flows
Understanding Connectors
Creating a Flow From a Template
Creating a Flow From Blank
Using the Flow Mobile App

Building a Flow :
Flow Components
Adding a Trigger
Configuring Triggers
Adding an Action
Configuring Actions
Working With Dynamic Content
Saving a Flow

Flow Actions :
Using the "Condition" Action
Using the "Apply to Each" Action
Using the "Switch" Action
Using "SharePoint" Actions
Using "Delay" Actions
Using "Outlook" Actions
Using "OneDrive" Actions
Using "O365 Users" Actions
Using "Variable" Actions

Using Approvals :
Adding an Approval Action
Configuring an Approval Action
Responding to an Approval
Using the Approval Outcome

Flow Settings :
Editing a Flow
Turning Off or Deleting a Flow
Sharing a Flow
Additional Flow Settings

Conclusion :
Course Recap

Office 365 Flow Assessment Test :
Assessment Test
10 questions