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Adobe Photoshop CC Intermediate

1. Introduction
2. Painting with Brushes
3. Using the Brushes Panel
4. Defining Custom Brushes
5. Saving Tool Presets
6. Using the History Brush
7. Working with Vector Shapes
8. Creating Custom Shapes_(new)
9. Using the Pen Tool
10. Discovering Paths
11. Understanding Vector Masks
12. Using Vector Objects and Spot Colors
13. Using the Blur Filters
14. Applying the Distort Filters
15. Creating a Pixelated Look
16. Stylizing Effects
17. Using Liquify
18. Using Smart Filters
19. Working with Smart Objects
20. Loading a Texture into Type
21. What is a Raw Image
22. Processing Raw Images
23. Opening a JPEG File in Raw
24. Developing a Strategy for Retouching
25. Using Retouching Tools
26. Using the Dust and Scratches Filter
27. Applying Sharpening
28. Using Actions
29. Creating Actions
30. Using Droplets
31. Using the Image Processor
32. Creating an HDR Image
33. Creating a Panoramic Image
34. Using PSD Files in InDesign
35. Using PSD Files in Illustrator
36. Using PSD Files in Dreamweaver
37. Why Color Management
38. Calibrating a Monitor
39. Calibrating a Printer
40. Loading Profiles into PSDs
41. Course Recap