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Complete MBA course: Marketing and Business Strategy

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Intro
MBA Course Outline

MBA Basics :
Module Overview
Topic 1 Demands, Wants and Needs
Topic 2 How money flows in the modern economy
Topic 3 STP Analysis
Topic 4 4P's and 7P's of Marketing
Topic 5 Service bundling
Topic 6 SWOT Analysis of Amazon

Marketing Insights :
Marketing Insight Module Overview
Topic 1 Generation Characteristic
Topic 2 Technology Adoption Curve
Topic 3 Communication Channels
Topic 4 Product Marketing Strategy
Topic 6 Instagram marketing and unit economic

Branding and Product Development :
Branding and Product Development Module Overview
Topic 1 Brand mantra Vs Brand Slogan
Topic 2 Brand Attributes
Topic 3 Benefits of Branding
Topic 4 How to Leverage brand image
Topic 5 Keller's brand equity model
Topic 6 Product branding Vs Company branding
Topic 7 Difference between Product extension and Line extension
Chapter 8 How Tesla developed a good brand image using POD

SAAS Product and Recommendation engine :
Topic 1 What is SAAS, IAAS,BAAS and PAAS
Topic 2 Why SAAS is so special ?
Freemium Business Model ?
Topic 3 Building University management SAAS
Topic 4 Unit Economics of SAAS
Topic 5 MIS and Types of data in MIS
Topic 6 How Recommendation Engine works

Marketing and Business Strategy :
Business Strategy Overview
Topic 1 Functional Level Strategy
Topic 2 Market Structure
Topic 3 Porter Five Force Model
Topic 4 Market Follower Strategy
Topic 5 Market Challenge Strategy
Topic 6 Samsung horizontal and Vertical Integration
Topic 7 Economy of Scale and Economy of Scope
Topic 8 BCG Matrix of Apple
Topic 9 Amazon business model
Topic 10 Amazon Fulfillment Center and Supply chain
Topic 11 Amazon Investment
Topic 12 Apple Customer Experience Strategy

Startup Basics :
Startup Basics Overview
2.Why Government Supports the Startup
3.Difference between Small Business vs Tech Startup
Types of Legal Entity
Types of business model in startup?
How B2B and B2C startups are different ?
Masterstroke with Business Model Canvas
Network effects in startup
Startup funding Basics

Startup Business Model :
Shopify Subscription business model
Subscription business model
Canva Freemium business model
Network effect in platform business
Two sided platform business model
Three sided platform business model