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Cloud Academy Deploying A Cloud Native Application into Kubernetes

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Application Architecture Review
3. Kubernetes Resources and Deployment Review
4. Create Minikube K8s Cluster
5. Cilium CNI Installation
6. Clone Repositories and Update Environment Vars
7. Create Frontend Docker Image
8. Create API Docker Image
9. Create K8s Namespace
10. Create K8s MongoDB Resources
11. Create K8s API Resources -
12. Create K8s Frontend Resources
13. Create K8s Nginx Ingress Controller Resource
14. K8s VoteApp End-to-End Test
15. Create K8s Network Policy Resources
16. Testing K8s Network Policy Rules
17. K8s Cluster DNS Resolution Testing
18. K8s Rolling Update Deployment Challenge
19. Delete All K8s Resources
20. Review