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Mastering Destruction in Houdini

Week1 Q and A:

1 Overview:
2 Vorono Fracturing
3 Clustering
4 Deformed Fractures
5 User Classes for Vorono Fracturing
6 Debugging Fracture Problems
7 Boolean Fractures
8 Cutter Detail
9 Cutter Detail Noise Options
10 Cutter Trimming
11 Cutter HDA Subnet Setup
12 Cutter HDA Parameter Overview
13 Shatter HDA
14 Cutter HDA Saving and Updates
15 Homework week 1

Week 2 Q and A:
1 Overview
2 Project and Scene Setup
3 Building Prep - Split Up Sections
3a Geometry Fix - Extrusion
3b Geometry Fix - Window Frames
3c Geometry Fix - Interior
3d Geometry Fix - Measure Fracture HDA
3e Geometry Fix - Attributes
4 Fracture Area - Cutting
4b Fracture Area - Separating
5 Fracture - Sectioning and HDA Update
5b Final Fracture
6 Homework

Week 3 Q and A:
1 Overview
2 Convex Decompose
3 RBD Simulation Setup
4 Attributes and Activation
5 Deforming Colliders
6 Caching and Transforming
7 Initial Velocity
8 Geometry Wrangle and Custom Drag
9 Speed and Acceleration Limits
10 Homework
1a Optimize Small Pieces
1b Optimize Update Constraints

Week 4 Q and A:
1 Overview
1a Constraints betweem Sections
1b Connect Adjacent Pieces SOP
2 Static Passive Selection
3 Clustering Manual Sections
3a Clustering Procedural Scatter
3b Clustering Geometry Loop
3c Clustering RDB Cluster SOP
4 Simulation with Constraints
5 Animated Grab Section
6 End Seection and Final RBD Simulation
7 Soft Constraints and Manual Breaking
8 Homework

Week 5 Q and A:
1 Overview
1a Active Frame and Clump Attributes
2 Blendshapes
3a Static Section Crack Rotations
3b Static Section Sag Floors
3c Static Section Extract Transforms
4 Final Tweaks and Caches
5a Rebar Build Geometry
5b Rebar Scatter Area
5c Rebar Scatter and Transform
6 Homework

Week 6 Q and A:
1 Overview
1a RBD Debris Source Scatter
1b RBD Debris Simulation
1c RBD Debris Instancing
2a RBD Debris Instanced Particles
2b RBD Debris Collisions
3 Point Particles Dirt and Grit
4a Full Building Debris
4b Full building Debris Instancing
5 Homework

Week 7 Q and A:
1 Overview
1a Glass RBD Material Fracture SOP
1b Glass Custom Fracture Setup
2a Shatter Windows Source Points
2b Shatter Windows Instances
2c Shatter Windows Simulation
3a Glass Edges Fracture
3b Glass Edges Trim and Transform
4 Glass Sparkle and Glitter
5 Homework

Week 8 Q and A:
1 Overview
1a Dust Density Source
2 Dust Sim Setup
3a Dust Building Collision
3b Dust Monster Collision
4 Dust Shape Settings
5 Dust Extra Sources
6 Dust Caching and Final Tweaks
7 Dust Rendering
8 Homework