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Demystifying Lip Sync Animation

Video Introducing this tutorial

2D Lip Sync :
Use this cool 2D Baker face rig to get your feet wet with the concepts of lip sync animation.
Learn Lip Sync ASAP
Analyzing Audio
2D Baker Rig Demo
2D Lip Sync Animation (Basic)
2D Baker Lip Sync (Basic)
2D Lip Sync Animation (Advanced)
2D Baker Lip Sync (Advanced)

3D Lip Sync - Fast Method :
With the Melvin character rig, learn how to get quick and dirty lip sync that works for most character-talking situations.
Melvin Rig Demo
Pose Libraries
Pose Library Lip Sync
Create a Pose Library for Melvin
Relative Method I
Relative Method II
Melvin Lip Sync

3D Lip Sync - High Quality Method :
Learn the subtle details of high quality lip sync with a new, simplified version of the Baker character rig.
High Quality Lip Sync I
High Quality Lip Sync II
3D Baker Lip Sync

Next Steps :
You finished the course - Congrats! Here's some tips on where to go next.
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