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Blender101 Blender422: Animation Production II

Video Introducing this tutorial

38-Texturing the Coffin and Stairs
39-Applying Bump Textures
40-Texturing the Pillars
41-Texturing the Ceiling
42-Texturing the Walls
43-Texturing the Mech
44-Preparing the Mech for Rigging
45-Finishing the Prep Work
46-Creating the Armature
47-Adjusting Roll and Mirroring
48-Parenting and IK Legs
49-Creating a Foot Roll Rig
50-Setting Up the Arms and Hands
51-Creating Custom Shapes
52-Finishing the Custom Shapes
53-Creating the Master Control
54-Prepping for Animation
55-Creating the First Keyframes
56-Using the Graph Editor
57-Beginning the Poses
58-Continuing the Poses
59-Drop to the Ground
60-Stick the Landing
61-Looking Around
62-Animating the Light
63-Volumetric Lighting
64-Setting up the Mech Light
65-Finishing the Lighting in the Scene
66-Creating the Jet Flame Effect
67-Preparing to Render the Animation
68-Exporting a Movie File

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