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Blender101 Blender421 : Animation Production

Video Introducing this tutorial

01-Interface and Navigation
02-Manipulating Objects
03-Edit Mode
04-Modeling with Modifiers
06-Modeling the Shoulder
07-Modeling the Arm
08-Object Origins and Parenting
09-Modeling the Upper Leg
10-Modeling the Foot
11-The Bridge Tool
12-Mirroring and Applying Transforms
13-Adjusting Proportions
14-Edge Loops and Smoothing
15-Detailing the Leg and Arm
16-Creating Tubes with a Bezier Curve
17-Thrusters and Soles
18-Proportional Editing and Normals
19-The Array Modifier
20-Modeling the Instrument Panel
21-Final Details of the Mech
22-Modeling the Pillars
23-Blocking in the Scene
24-Adding Scene Elements
25-What is UV Mapping
26-UV Mapping Basics
27-UV Mapping the Pillars
28-Testing Our UV Maps
29-UV Mapping the Environment
30-Finishing the Environment UVs
31-Beginning the Mech UVs
32-Finishing the Mech UVs
33-Materials for the Mech
34-Finishing the Materials
35-Sculpting the Floor
36-Sculpting the Coffin and Stairs
37-Sculpting the Ceiling

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