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Blender101 Blender 2.79: Complete training from beginner to pro

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 discovering Blender :
1.2-Interface presentation
1.3-Interface customization
1.4-3D view navigation
1.5-Blender Configuration

Chapter 2 Object Mode :
2.1-The object mode menu bar
2.2-Mesh primitives presentation
2.3-Other objects presentation
2.4-Basic manipulations
2.5-Objects relations
2.6-Use of constraints
2.7-The BoolTool and boolean operations
2.8-Simple modeling exercises from primitive cup, lamp, desk, usb key

Chapter 3 Edit mode :
3.1-Presentation, notion of vertice, edge, face
3.2-Selection tools
3.3-The extrusion
3.4-Modeling tools in edit mode
3.5-The proportional editing
3.6-The snapping
3.7-The looptool addon
3.8-Basic modeling exercises in edit mode-Cup
3.9-Basic modeling exercises in edit mode-Shampoo bottle
3.10-Basic modeling exercises in edit mode- Headphones
3.11- Model a robot with reference image part1
3.12- Model a robot with reference image part2
3.13- Model a robot with reference image part3
3.14- Model a robot with reference image part4

Chapter 4 Modifiers :
4.1-Introducing non-destructive modifiers
4.2-Presentation and use of the main modifiers
4.3-Presentation and use of the main modifiers 2
4.4-Examples of typical modelizations with modifiers_chain
4.5-Examples of typical modelizations with modifiers_sofa
4.6-Examples of typical modelizations with modifiers _bottle
4.7-Examples of typical modelizations with modifiers _plant

Chapter 5 Beziers Curves :
5.1-General overview
5.2-Curves in Edit mode
5.3-Specific features of Curves
5.4-Modelling with curves and hooks
5.5-Import .svg from other softwares
5.6-The text object
5.7-Exercise: Creation of a 3D logo from a 2D image

Chapter 6 Cycles Render Engine :
6.1-Render engine introduction
6.2-General Settings
6.3-Node system, addon node wrangler
6.4-Shaders presentation
6.5-Specific shaders creation
6.6-Camera settings
6.7-The PBR shaders Addon
6.8-Use on our robot

Chapter 7 World and Lighting :
7.1-The world panel
7.2-Using HDRI maps
7.3-Lighting and different types of lamps
7.5-Tips with HDRI maps-Easyhdri-Filmic

Chapter 8 UV Mapping Texture Paint and Baking :
8.1-Unwrap Techniques
8.2-Edition of islands
8.3-Unwrap the mug
8.4-Unwrap the robot
8.5-Texture paint mode, tools presentation
8.6-Using an image texture as brush
8.7-Image projection in stencil mode
8.8-Using Line and Curve Strokes
8.9-Baking in cycles, use with the robot

Chapter 9 The sculpt mode :
9.1-Sculpt mode presentation and interface configuration
9.2-Tools presentation
9.3-Multiresolution Modifier
9.4-Basic sculpture techniques
9.5-The liberty of dynamic topology
9.6-Timelapse Sculpture of a werewolf bust
9.7-Using textures for details
9.8-Retopology tools in Blender
9.9-Retopology of werewolf bust timelapse

Chapter 10 The Armatures :
10.1-Armature presentation and visualization
10.2-Bones management, layer system
10.3-Armatures in Edit Mode
10.4-The pose mode
10.5-Parenting, organic or mechanical object
10.6-Bone constraints
10.7-Exercise: Rigging an humanoid
10.8-Exercise: Rigging our Robot

Chapter 11 Animation in Blender :
11.1-Configuration and principles of key insertion
11.2-Dedicated interface
11.4-Separate location scale and rotation keys-Animation of a ball
11.5-Everything is animatable
11.6-Exercice-Creation of a turnaround system
11.7-Exercise-creation of a title animation
11.8-Exercise-Creating a walking cycle

Chapter 12 Simulations :
12.1-Introduction to simulations
12.2-Rigid bodies simulations
12.3-Smoke simulation
12.4-Cloth simulation
12.5-Fluid simulations
12.6-Dynamic particle system
12.7-Static particles

Chapter 13 Compositing :
13.1-presentation of compositing-Node system concept
13.2-Main nodes presentation
13.3-Exercice - creating a vignette- adding a watermark
13.4-Exercice - use of passes-add a glow effect
13.5-Exercice- Integrate a 3d object into an photography

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