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Animation Workflow & Body Mechanics

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Animation Workflow:
Working Smarter, Not Harder
Planning Your Animation
Blocking Your Animation
Splining & Polishing Your Animation
Animation Workflow Tips
Showing Your Work

2. Animating Jumps :
Stomp Jump I
Stomp Jump II
Stomp Jump (Blocking)
Stomp Jump (Splining & Polish)
Animator's Guide to Rotations
Rivet Jump I
Rivet Jump II
Rivet Jump (Blocking)
Rivet Jump (Splining & Polish)

3. Animating a Kick & Weight Lift :
Stomp Kick I
Stomp Kick II
Stomp Kick (Blocking)
Stomp Kick (Splining & Polish)
Animating with Object Constraints
Animating a Robot Arm
Rivet Weight Lift I
Rivet Weight Lift II
Rivet Weight Lift III
Rivet Weight Lift (Blocking)
Rivet Weight Lift (Splining & Polish)

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