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Business Benefits Realization Foundations

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Exploring the basics

1. The Basics of Business Benefits Realization :
What is business benefits realization?
Why is business benefits realization important?
Key terms and principles of business benefits realization

2. Benefits Realization across the Enterprise :
Vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategy
How leaders guide work to achieve strategy
Shifting culture to enable successful adoption

3. The Business Benefits Realization Life Cycle :
Step one: Identifying benefits
Step two: Analyzing benefits and plan
Step three: Delivering benefits
Step four: Sustaining benefits
Step five: Making adjustments

4. Key Roles in Business Benefits Realization :
Sponsor role in business benefits realization
Organizational manager role in business benefits realization
Portfolio, program, and project manager role in business benefits realization
Business analyst role in business benefits realization

5. Business Benefits Realization Deliverables :
Creating a business benefits roadmap
Creating a business benefits register
Creating a business benefits realization plan
Creating a business benefits traceability matrix
Creating a business case

Conclusion :
Business benefits realization key takeaways