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Building Microservices with Spring Training Video

01. Course Overview
About The Course
About The Author
0103 How To Access Your Working Files

02. Configuring Applications With Spring Boot
Spring Boot Overview
Spring Tool Suite Installation
Spring Boot Project Setup
External Configuration Approaches
Importing Bean Configurations
Managing Dependencies With Starter POMs

03. Microservices
0301 Microservices Overview
0302 Microservices And Monoliths
0303 Microservice Architecture
0304 Microserivces Demonstration
0305 Architecture Challenges And Solutions

04. Spring Cloud Configuration
0401 Spring Cloud Config Overview
0402 Spring Cloud Configuration Server
0403 Spring Cloud Configuration Client
0404 Refreshing Cloud Configuration
0405 Encryption With Cloud Config Server
0406 Passing Decrypted Values To Clients

05. Spring Cloud Netflix
0501 Spring Cloud Netflix

06. Service Registry And Discovery With Eureka
0601 Service Registry And Discovery With Eureka
0602 Eureka Server
0603 Redundant Eureka Servers
0604 Registering Eureka Clients
0605 Working With Eureka Clients Programmatically
0606 Service Discovery With Resttemplate

07. Circuit Breaking With Hystrix
0701 Circuit Breaking And Monitoring With Hystrix
0702 Hystrix Project Setup
0703 Circuit Breaking With Hystrix
0704 Hystrix Configuration
0705 Hystrix Dashboard

08. Ribbon Load Balancing
0801 Load Balancing With Ribbon
0802 Microservice Project Setup
0803 Client Project Setup
0804 Ribbon Configuration

09. Zuul Edge Service
0901 Zuul Edge Service
0902 Zuul Project Setup
0903 Proxying With Zuul
0904 Routing Configuration
0905 Zuul Filters

10. Spring Cloud Security
1001 OAuth Security
1002 Postman Installation
1003 Authorization Server Setup
1004 OAuth Resource Server Setup
1005 OAuth Client Configuration
1006 HSQLDB Server
1007 Database Schema Setup
1008 Client And Token Management With JDBC
1009 Standalone Resource Server

11. Microservice Sample Project
1101 Course Project
1102 Base Project Introduction
1103 Cloud Configuration Setup
1104 Service Registry And Discovery
1105 Edge Service With Zuul
1106 Load Balancing Integration

12. Course Wrap-Up
1201 Course Wrap Up