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Build REST APIs with Django REST Framework and Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction:
Course Introduction

Basic API Concepts - Theory:
Understanding API
Understanding REST API

API with Django:
Basic Django Setup
Models and Migrations
Creating JSON Response - All Elements
Creating JSON Response - Individual Elements

Django REST Framework:
DRF Introduction

Views and Serializers:
Serializers - GET Request
Serializers - POST, PUT, DELETE Request
Status Codes
APIView Class
Serializer Fields and Core Arguments
Model Serializer
Custom Serializer Fields
Updating Models
Django Relationships
Nested Serializers
Serializer Relations
HyperLinked Model Serializer
Serializer Relations Continued
GenericAPIView and Mixins
URL Structure
Concrete View Classes
Overwrite Queryset
Viewsets and Routers

Postman and Project Update:
User Model
Temporary Login and Logout

Introduction to Permissions
Custom Permissions
Custom Calculation

Introduction to Authentications

Basic Authentication:
Basic Authentication

Token Authentication:
Token Authentication - Part 1
Token Authentication - Part 2
Token Authentication - Part 3 (Login)
Token Authentication - Part 4 (Registration)
Token Authentication - Part 5 (Registration)
Token Authentication - Part 6 (Logout)

Manual Testing Entire Project:
Manual Testing Entire Project - Part 1
Manual Testing Entire Project - Part 2

JWT Authentication:
JWT Authentication - Access Token and Refresh Token
JWT Authentication - Login
JWT Authentication - Registration

Throttling Introduction
Throttle Rate (Anon and User)
Throttle Rate (Custom and Scope)

Filtering, Searching, Ordering:
Filtering Introduction
Filter, Search, Order
Project Update

Pagination Part 1 - PageNumber
Pagination Part 2 - LimitOffset
Pagination Part 2 - Cursor
Browsable API Update

Automated API Testing:
API Testing - Registration
API Testing - Login and Logout
API Testing - StreamPlatform
API Testing - WatchList
API Testing - ReviewTestCase
API Testing - UserTestCase
Test Driven Development - TDD
Project Completed

Optional - Code Cleanup:
Optional - Code Cleanup

Thank You:
Thank You for Being Here!