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Build a SwiftUI app for iOS 14

Video Introducing this tutorial
01-1 build a swiftui app for ios 14
02-2 swiftui visual editor
03-3 sf symbols and list styles
04-4 sidebar and label
05-5 build for macos big sur
06-6 toolbar and organizing
07-7 show view and transitions
08-8 matched geometry effect
09-9 delay and asymmetric transition
10-10 matched cards and static data
11-11 selection state and disabled
12-12 lazy grid layout
13-13 matched container and zindex
14-14 passing namespace
15-15 visual effect blur for macos
16-16 size class and tab bar
17-17 navigation link and modal
18-18 animating above navigation
19-19 library content and modifiers
20-20 create a widget