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Blender: Create Realistic BMW 507 From Start to Finish

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Modeling section :
course overview
03_understand the subdivision surface modefire
04_understand the subdivision surface modefire part 2
05_understand the subdivision surface modefire_part 3
06_understand the mirror modefire
07_Adding the ref Images
08_Modeling the Grill and the fender part 1
09_Modeling the Grill and the fender part 2
10_Modeling the Grill and the fender part 3
11_Modeling the Grill and the fender part 4
12_Modeling_ creating the hood
13_Modeling_ creating the hood part_2
14_Modeling_Adding hole to the body
15_Modeling_creating the doors
16_Modeling_Creating the back side of the car
17_Modeling_Creating the back side of the car part 2
18_Modeling_Creating the back hood
19_Modeling_Creating the roof
20_Modeling_finish the roof and fixing the door shading
21_Modeling_fixing some shading issue
22_Modeling_Creating the windshield
23_Modeling_Creating the windshield borders
24_Modeling_Creating the rear window
25_Modeling_creating the door window
26_Modeling_Creating window frames
27_Modeling_Creating window frames part 2
28_Modeling_Creating the roof frame
29_Modeling_Creating the front lights
30_Create the grilles
31_Modeling_edit the grilles
32_Modeling_Creating the front bumper
33_Modeling_ working on the hood details
34_Modeling_adding details to the side
35_Modeling_creating the mirrors
36_Modeling_Creating the Back lights
37_Modeling_make some editing to the rear Hood
38_Modeling_adding details to the rear side of the car
39_Modeling_Creating the back bumper and make some fixes in the body
40_Modeling_adding cover to the bottom side of the car
41_Modeling_Creating the door handle
42_Modeling_ Creating the fuel tank
43_Modeling_Creating the exhaust
44_Modeling_Creating the wheel and the tire
45_Modeling_Creating the wipers
46_Modeling_Creating the wipers_2
47_Modeling_Creating the wipers_3
48_Modeling_Creting the wipers_4
49_Modeling_preparing the logo and cover the grill area
50_Modeling_Creating the brake drum

Environment :
51_Environment_illuminating the scene with HDRI image
52_Environment_Creating the ground

Materials Section :
53_Materials Section_ Creating the car paint MT
54_Materials Section_Creating the chrome MT
55_Materials Section_ Creating the tire MT
56_Materials Section_ Creating the break drum MT
57_Materials Section_Creating the BMW Logo MT
58_Materials Section_Creating the HeadLight MT
59_Materials Section_Creating the BackLight MT
60_Materials Section_Creating the front reflector light
61_Materials Section_Creating the Rubber MT

Rigging :
62_Rigging Section part 1
63_Rigging Section part 2

Render the scene :
64_Render the scene

Bonus Sectoin :

Project Folder :
Project Folder