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Blender Complete PBR Art Creation : Sci-fi Crate and Turret

Video Introducing this tutorial

Beginner Blender : Creating the Crate :
Navigation and Interface
Tools and References
Object Mode and Blocking out
Edit mode and Crate Bottom
Booleans and Lid modeling
SubD and Crate Interior
Materials and Principled BSDF
UV Mapping
Procedural Textures
Texture Painting and Decals
Parenting and Placing Objects
Lighting the Scene

Advanced Blender : Modeling the Turret :
Modeling Checklist
Modifier Checklist
Stand Modeling Part 1
Stand Modeling Part 2
Stand Modeling Part 3
Stand Modeling Part 4
Base and Rotator Modeling
Power and Vent Modeling
Legs Modeling
Cables Modeling
Cloth Simulation
Arms Modeling
Suspension Modeling
Gun and Cylinder Modeling
Barrels and Laser Modeling
Top Armour Modeling
Bottom Armour Modeling
Body and Trigger Modeling

Advanced Blender 2 : UVing the Turret :
UV Checklist
UV Stand
UV Power and Base
UV Legs
UV Guns
UV Body
Packing UVs and Baking Ambient Occlusion
Placing and Organizing
Baking Edge Map

Advanced Blender 3 : Texturing and Rendering :
Blocking materials and Cloth
Metal Materials
Painted Metal
Texture Painting and Decals
Texture Painting and Decals 2
Rendering and Compositing