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Bits & Bytes

Video Introducing this tutorial
Welcome: Course Origin, Expected Outcomes, Who it is for, Code Samples
What are bits, bytes and nibbles?
How many bytes does each primitive type use in Java?
Converting between base 10 (decimal) and base 5
Converting between decimal and binary
Converting between binary and octal
Converting between binary and hexadecimal
Bitwise operators OR (|) and AND (&)
Bitwise operator XOR (^) and COMPLEMENT (~)
Shift left <<
Shift right, signed >> and unsigned >>>
Writing a BitPrinter
Exploring bits in integer values and why ~0 == -1
Masking individual bits inside a number
Why Math.abs(num) might be negative
Exploring how floating point numbers work
Evolution of hash() in Java HashMap
Minimizing bucket collisions in HashMap
java.util.BitSet (example usage ArrayList.removeIf in Java 8)
EnumSet vs bit masking (example usage Spliterator)
Finding midpoint of two ints without overflowing (from Spliterators)
Modifiers in Reflection