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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading 2021: Achieve Wins Daily!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Section 1: Welcome to the Cryptocurrency Trading Course! :
Thank you for learning Cryptocurrency Trading! Here's what you will learn!
Trading Terminology Essentials to get you started quickly
Why Trade Cryptocurrency instead of Invest?
Why you may not Trade?
Why 2020 & 2021 are going to lead to INSANE returns!

Section 2: Cryptocurrency Essentials - What you need to know? :
Simple Guide to Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin
How to own Cryptocurrency?
What is Bitcoin?
What is Ethereum?
What are Altcoins?
Types of Cryptocurrency!
What have been my successes trading Cryptocurrency?
What is ONE most important thing about Trading?

Easy Setup for Cryptocurrency Trading! :
Simple Trading Set-up overview!
Update 2021: You can now buy more Altcoins & swap them on Coinbase!
Update 2021: Binance is the best exchange for Altcoin buying with Fiat
Coinigy Setup - top technical analysis tool for free!
Uniswap - you need to be on this exchange to make the best gains right now!

Strategies for Cryptocurrency Trading! :
ICO flipping - how to profit from ICOS!
How to spot Hot ICOs to invest in?
Flipping IDOs - new gains opportunity in 2021 and beyond!
2021 Hot Trending Cryptocurrencies - Important!
'Trending' Cryptos - how to anticipate demand!
Finding early gainers to profit from!
Market Crashes are Perfect Trading Opportunities!
#1 Way to Make Money by Trading!
Community profiting & P&D groups!
How Traders make a full time income by Swing Trading!
What is Margin Trading?

LaunchPads & IDOs - the newest way to flip new coins for profit! :
Introduction to Launchpads and IDOs
Ultimate Guide to IDO Launchpads - What is required & what to expect!
BSCPad Walkthrough - Step by step to flipping coins for profit
How to use Launchpads to build your fortune!
Best Gains Ever made on IDO launches - and why they were successful!

How to prevent getting burnt? :
How to prevent losses!
Deciding your exit point!
How to get the best profits from trading!

Technical Analysis :
What is Technical Analysis?
How to use Moving Averages for trading?
How to analyse if a Crypto is bearish or bullish?
How to use MACDS to identify trade points!
Using Bollinger Bands for trading and predicting movements!
Using Relative Strength Index as an easy trading entry tool!
How to see if Crypto will soar or crash?
How to spot trends and predict prices!
How do read Candle sticks?
How the order book shows you how to hit a sell order?