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Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint - Introduction :
Welcome! Course Introduction
Take a look at the slides we will create later in this course!
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Fundamental Tools You Will Need When Working in PowerPoint :
Section Introduction - Fundamental Tools That You Will Need in MS PowerPoint
The PowerPoint ribbon
Professional Slide Structure Is the Key to Your Success in Microsoft PowerPoint
Course Materials - Download
This is How You Will Be Super Fast and Efficient - Keyboard Shortcuts
Insert Objects in a PowerPoint Presentation - Everything That You Need to Know
Learn How to Add and Use Quick Access Toolbar Buttons
Align and Distribute Objects - A Must for Any Profficient PowerPoint User
The Format Shape Menu - Enhance the Appearance of Objects in PowerPoint
Formatting Text in PowerPoint
Practical Learning - Exercise 1
Learn how to Resize and Rotate Objects within PowerPoint Slides
Slide Masters - The Most Professional Way to Organize a PowerPoint Presentation
Bring to Front and Send to Back - An Important PowerPoint Technique
Learn How to Create, Edit, Resize and Format PowerPoint Tables
Quiz 1 - Basic PowerPoint instruments

Advanced Tools that Will Take Your PowerPoint Skills to the Next Level :
An Introduction to PowerPoint Animations
Details that Make the Difference - Modify Line Elements' Begin and End Type
Connector Lines - The Professional Way to Link Objects in PowerPoint
Practical Learning - Exercise 2
Edit Points - Learn How to Customize PowerPoint Shapes
The Group and Ungroup Functionalities - A Favorite Tool for Experienced Users
Learn How to Create Extra Space within PowerPoint Shapes - Internal Margins
50% Completed - Free Gift
The Most Efficient Way to Insert Ready Schemes in PowerPoint - Smart Art
Nudge Objects
Learn How to Create Special Text Effects
Quiz 2 - Advanced PowerPoint features
Completing 33% of the course

Create professional charts in Excel and use them in your presentations :
Create professional and good-looking charts - Introduction
Build a Column Stacked Chart with a secondary line axis in Excel
Learn how to build effective Doughnut Charts in Excel
Learn how to create Bridge Charts

Professional presentation design :
The types of presentations used in the corporate world
What comes next

The ten fundamental principles of PowerPoint presentations design :
Principle #1
Principle #2
Principle #3
Principle #4
Principle #5
Principle #6
Principle #7
Completing 50% of the course
Principle #8
Principle #9
Principle #10

Adding information to your slides :
Text boxes with instructions
How to add information
Formatting and polishing slides

The most important word in professional presentation design - "Consistency" :
How to ensure consistency across slides
Consistency in terms of font and font size
Aligning objects - a must for professional slide design
Team collaboration and best practices
Protecting your work with watermarks

Creating a company profile from scratch: Nestlé :
What is a company profile?
What information is added to a company profile?
Creating a company profile
Adding financial figures
Researching for information
One-page company profiles

Types of slides we add to a company presentation :
Share price slides - Why we add share price slides?
Share price slides - What information should be included
Share price slides - how to create a share price slide
Legal entity structure
Management team overview
Bridge (waterfall) charts
Financial information
Geographical footprint slide
KPI overview slide

Creating a Complete Company Presentation - Step by Step :
Presentation Structure
Kinemax Case Study - Information Source
Professional Business Presentation - Case Study - Drafting a Slide Master
Kinemax Case Study - Designing a Cover Page
Create a Complete Business Presentation - Introduction
Kinemax Case Study - Setting Up an Index Page
Kinemax Case Study - Smart Art Graphics in Practice
Kinemax Case Study - Group Structure (1/2)
Kinemax Case Study - Group Structure slide (2/2)
Kinemax Case Study - Timeline (1/2)
Kinemax Case Study - Timeline (2/2)
Kinemax Case Study - Geographical Footprint
Kinemax Case Study - Business Formula
Kinemax Case Study - Growth Prospects
Kinemax Case Study - Financials at a Glance
Kinemax Case Study - Summary Table
Kinemax Case Study - Complete Presentation
Completing 100% of the course