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Azure SQL Data Warehouse Synapse Analytics Service

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
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Course Introduction
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Before you start...
Course Resources
Data Warehouse Crash Course

Azure Synapse Analytics [Updated Dec 2020] :
Why Warehousing in Cloud
Traditional vs Modern Warehouse architecture
What is Synapse Analytics Service
Demo: Create Dedicated SQL Pool
Demo: Connect Dedicated SQL Pool with SSMS
Demo: Create Azure Synapse Analytics Studio Workspace
Demo: Explore Synapse Studio V2
Demo: Create Dedicated SQL Pool and Spark Pool
Demo: Analyse Data using Dedicated SQL Pool
Demo: Analyse Data using Apache Spark Notebook
Demo: Analyse Data using Serverless SQL Pool
Demo: Data Factory from Synapse Analytics Studio
Demo: Monitor Synapse Studio
Azure Synapse Benefits
Synapse unified experience for all Data Professionals

Data Warehouse Internals and Architecture :
Azure Synapse MPP Architecture
Storage and Sharding patterns
Data Distribution and Distributing Keys
Data Types and Table Types
Best Practices for Fact and Dimension tables
Demo - Analyse Data distribution before migration to Azure Synapse

Data Migration :
5 best practices for Data Load
Different loading methods
Loading with SSIS vs PolyBase
Demo - Loading with SSIS
Demo - Loading with Polybase
Demo Loading with Data Factory
Hands on exercise
Assignment - Lab Request
Assignment - Lab Solution

Security layers :
Advance Data Security
Network Security
Transparent data encryption
Dynamic Data Masking
Access Management

Configuring and Optimizing :
Configuration Options
Performing other common tasks
Backup and Restore
Price Optimization
Support and Troubleshooting
Managing workloads
Delete Resource

Data Warehouse Crash Course :
What is Data Warehouse
Why we need Data Warehouse
Ideal Data Warehouse Solution
Responsibility of Data Warehouse designer
SQL Server (OLTP) vs Data Warehouse (OLAP)
Dimensional Modeling
Facts and Fact Table
Dimensions and Dimension table
Star vs Snowflake

Wrapping up :
Quick Notes
Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2
Bonus Section