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AWS System Operations Associate Certification Crash Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Section 1 -- AWS Exam Overview :
Course Overview
Course PreReqs
Download Course Presentation in PDF
Introduction to AWS Certifications
AWS Exam Objectives

AWS Provisioning, Deployments and Resources :
Section Overview AWS Provisioning, Deployments and Resources
Compute Options
Instance Types
Demo Compute Options
Whiteboard Compute Options
How to find Nitro Enabled Instances
EC2 Instances States
Whiteboard Bastion Hosts
EC2 Launch Issues
EC2 Connection Issues
Connecting to AWS
Demo - Deploy EC2
Systems Manager
Placement Groups
EC2 Task Placement Strategies
Load Balancing
Demo ELB Target Groups
EBS Vs Instance Stores
EBS Demo
Demo Lambda
Demo Lightsail
Optional Exercise - Deploy EC2 and CodeDepoy
AWS Global Infrastructure
Section Review
Section Review Questions

AWS Monitoring and Reporting :
Section Overview - AWS Monitoring and Reporting
CloudWatch Monitoring and Logging
CloudWatch Monitoring Overview
Understanding CloudWatch Monitoring
CloudWatch Custom Metrics
Resource Groups and Tags
CloudWatch Alarms
Centralized Monitoring
Cloudwatch Demo
EC2 Monitoring and Performance
RDS Monitoring and Performance
Monitoring Aurora
Monitoring Elastic Beanstalk
Demo - Elastic BeanStalk
Lightsail Demo
Monitoring ElasticCache
SNS Notifications
Cloud Logging
Demo CloudWatch Logging
Demo Cost Explorer
Demo CloudWatch Metrics
Demo Systems Manager
Demo Billing Management
Demo Pricing Calculator
Demo Trusted Advisor
Demo AWS Service Catalog
EC2 Cost Modeling
Demo Personal Health and Service Dashboards
Section Review
Review Questions

AWS Security and Compliance Services :
Section Overview
Security Services Overview
Demo Security Resources
Demo Shared Responsibility
AWS Security Best Practices
Credentials, Roles, Users, etc
Demo IAM
Demo Security Policies
Demo S3 URLS
Demo Instance Security
Whiteboard EC2 Connect
Security Groups and NACLs
Demo Macie
Demo Security Hub
AWS Config
AWS inspector
AWS GuardDuty
Trusted Advisor
Demo Trusted Advisor
Demo CloudTrail
Section Review
Review Questions

Storage and Data Management :
Section Overview
Data and Storage Options
Demo S3
Demo S3 Glacier
Whiteboard Data Services
Whiteboard - Migrate VMS to AWS
Demo EC2 Storage
EC2 Volume Storage
Snow Family
Storage Migration Options
Storage Gateway
Other Data Services
Demo EFS Storage
Section Review
Review Questions

Networking and Content Services :
Section Overview
Networking Services and Features
VPC Overview
Demo VPC
VPC Flow Logs
Whiteboard VPC Flow Logs
Demo VPC Flow Logs
Demo - Associate Elastic IP
Demo Security Groups and NACLs
Whiteboard VPN
Connectivity Options
Routing Options
Demo API Gateway
Monitoring ELB
Demo CloudPing Latency
Optional Exercise - Deploy WordPress on Lightsail
Section Review
Review Questions

Domain 7 HA, Automation and Optimization :
Section Overview
Services Overview
Elasticity and Scalability
Cloud Spending and Right Sizing
RDS Read Replicas and Versions
Demo RDS
Demo Aurora
Maintenance Issues
HA Overview
Demo DevOps Services
WhiteBoard - Multi Regional Deployments
IaC - CloudFormation
Demo Cloudformation Change Sets
Demo - AWS Whitepapers and Frameworks
Service Catalog
Optional Exercise - Create and Connect to an RDS Instance
Section Review
Review Questions

Exam Preparation and Course Closeout :
Section Course Closeout
AWS Certification Overview
Demand For Certification