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AWS CloudFormation Master Class v2 [2021]

Video Introducing this tutorial

AWS CloudFormation Introduction :
Course Introduction
What is CloudFormation? + Course Cost
About your instructor
Introduction Quiz

Code Download & Tools Setup :
Code Download
VSCode Setup
VSCode Setup (video)

CloudFormation Introduction :
First AWS CloudFormation Template
Summary of how CloudFormation works
CloudFormation Introduction Quiz

CloudFormation - Getting started :
YAML Tutorial
JSON to YAML Practice Exercise
Creating an S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
Updating an S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
Deleting an S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
CloudFormation Template Options
Using CloudFormation Designer
CloudFormation Building Blocks
Deploying CloudFormation Templates
Cost estimate for your templates
Getting started Quiz

CloudFormation Parameters :
Parameters Theory
Parameters Hands-On
ADVANCED - SSM Parameter Type
ADVANCED - SSM Parameter Type Hands On
Parameters Quiz

CloudFormation Resources :
Resources Overview
Resources Hands On
Optional Attributes for Resources
ADVANCED - DeletionPolicy
ADVANCED - UpdateReplacePolicy
Resources FAQ
Resources Quiz

CloudFormation Mappings :
Mappings Overview
Fn::FindInMap (accessing Mapping values)
Mappings Hands On
Pseudo Parameters in CloudFormation
Mappings Quiz

CloudFormation Outputs :
Outputs Overview
Outputs Hands-On
Cross Stack Reference Hands On
Outputs Quiz
CloudFormation Conditions
Conditions Overview
Fn::GetAtt (get attribute function)
Conditions Hands-On
Conditions Quiz

CloudFormation Rules :
CloudFormation Rules
CloudFormation Rules Hands On
Rules Quiz

CloudFormation Metadata :
Metadata Overview
AWS::CloudFormation::Designer Hands On
AWS::CloudFormation::Interface Hands On
Metadata Quiz

CFN Init and EC2 User Data :
EC2 User Data Overview
CloudFormation EC2 User Data
CloudFormation Init Overview
Groups and Users
Fn::Sub (substitute function)
CFN Init Scripts
CFN Init Hands-On
CFN Init Troubleshooting
User Data vs CloudFormation::Init vs Helper Scripts
CFN Init Quiz

CloudFormation Drift :
CloudFormation Drift
CloudFormation Drift Hands On
CloudFormation Drift Quiz

CloudFormation Nested Stacks :
Nested Stacks Overview
Nested Stacks Hands On
Nested Stacks Updates
Nested Stacks Deletes
Nested Stacks vs Cross Stacks
Closing Comments on Nested Stacks
Nested Stacks Quiz

CloudFormation StackSets :
Cost note (AWS Config may cost money)
StackSets - Overview
StackSets - Hands On
StackSets - Updates
StackSets - Drift
StackSets - Delete
StackSets Quiz

CloudFormation Deployment Options :
Stack Creation Failures
Rollback Triggers
Continue Rolling Back an Update
Stack Policy
Stack Termination Protection
CloudFormation Service Role / Template Role
Quick-create Links for Stacks
Deployment Options Quiz

CloudFormation - Continuous Delivery :
Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline
Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline - Hands On
Continuous Delivery Quiz

CloudFormation Resources - Advanced: Custom Resources, Registry, Modules :
Custom Resources Overview
Custom Resources with AWS Lambda
Custom Resources with SNS
Custom Resources Closing Comments
Dynamic References Overview
Dynamic References Hands On
UpdatePolicy Overview
UpdatePolicy Hands-On
CloudFormation Registry
CloudFormation Registry - Hands On
Template Modules
Template Modules Hands On
Resources Advanced - Quiz

Generating CloudFormation templates: Imports, SAM, CDK & Macros :
Resource Imports
Resource Imports Hands On
SAM - Overview
SAM - Hands On
CDK - Overview
CDK - Hands On
ADVANCED - Macros Hands On
Generating CloudFormation Templates Quiz

Open-source and 3rd party projects for CloudFormation :
Public Roadmap Coverage
Using the AWS CLI
Advanced Concepts & 3rd Party Tools
Template Validation
Open-source and 3rd Party Projects Quiz

Intrinsic Functions references :
Intrinsic Functions References
Intrinsic Functions Quiz
Course Conclusion (including examples)
Best Practices for CloudFormation
Template Snippets & Samples
Congratulations & Next Steps!