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Pro Tools 503 Recording Drums

Overview of Drum Microphone Setup
Close vs. Distant Mics
On-Axis vs. Off-Axis Miking
Section 2: Section 2: Close Miking Techniques and Shootouts
Snare Top
Snare Bottom
Snare Side
Kick In
Kick Out
Single Tom
Multiple Toms
Section 3: Section 3: Distant Miking Techniques and Shootouts
Overview of Overhead Pairs
Overhead Miking Techniques
Room Mics
Four Mic Technique
Auxiliary Percussion
Section 4: Section 4: Recording and Editing Drums
Drum Sound Check and Setting Levels
Group Recording
Group Playlist Recording and Editing
Section 5: Section 5: Mixing and Processing Drum Recordings
EQ on Kick Mics
EQ on Snare Mics
EQ on Toms and Hi-Hat
Gate and Strip Silence
Compression on Kick and Snare
Compression on Toms
EQ and Compression on Overheads and Room Mics
Drum Replacement and Layering
Bus Processing with Aux Tracks