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PREMIERE PRO CC 101 Get Started Now!

Section 1: Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Section 2: Getting Started
The Creative Cloud Application
Quicktime 7 & Telestream Switch
Working with Windows Media Files on Mac
Organizing yourself outside of Premiere Pro
Section 3: Section 3: Project Setup
The New Project Window
Setting up your Scratch Disks
Ingest Settings
Adjusting the Default Interface setup
Adjusting Common Preferences
Keyboard Shortcuts Settings
Navigating the Interface
Section 4: Section 4: Importing Footage
Importing Footage
The Media Browser
Section 5: Section 5: Bins
Bin Setup
Metadata Display
Section 6: Section 6: Source & Record Monitors
The Source & Record Monitors
Section 7: Section 7: Basic Editing
Creating New Sequences
Basic Editing
Source Patching vs. Track Targeting
J, K, L Editing
Drag and Drop Editing & Sync Lock
Adding & Deleting Tracks
Section 8: Section 8: Timeline Navigation
Deleting Clips from your Timeline
Section 9: Section 9: Exporting
Basic Exporting
Exporting using Adobe's Media Encoder