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Making Music with Blocks

Intro and Types of Blocks
Connecting Your Blocks and Setting Up
Making Some Noise
A Tour of Noise's Interface
Section 2: Section 2: Tracking
Recording and Overdubbing Your First Loop
Instrument Slots and Sounds
Changing Scales and Octaves
Using the Arpeggiator
The 5D System
Working With Loops
Browsing New Sounds
Section 3: Section 3: Mixing and Remixing
Learning New Sounds
Using Effects
Sharing and Exporting
Section 4: Section 4: The Hardware
The Loop Block
The Live Block
The Seaboard Block
The Seaboard Rise
Expanding the Seaboard Block
Section 5: Section 5: Advanced Concepts
Blocks Dashboard and Bluetooth MIDI
Equator Player and Full
Equator Tips
Using Roli Instruments as Plugins
Instruments as Plugins For iOS
Blocks and Ableton Live
3rd Party Instruments
Top Tips